Unusual violet photographed lightning

An unusual violet lightning was photographedPhoto from open sources

Australian photographer Jeff Miles managed to capture on The picture shows an amazing lightning in the Pilbara region in the west of the continent. In the image below you can see a giant an electric discharge of violet color, as if striking upwards thunderclouds.

Ionospheric lightning, one of which fell into the frame of Jeff, incredibly rare. Watching such a natural phenomenon is big luck, let alone take a photograph – even more so. Outbreaks occur in the upper atmosphere, therefore, have a purple color, sometimes even turning into red.

A photo from open sources

Due to their unusual appearance, purple lightning was considered former times the manifestation of higher mystical powers. However, in these days they are not fully understood. Scientists suggest that such flashes form above clouds spilling too much the rain. It is noteworthy that the purple lightning is different from the usual not only color and direction, but also a mysterious complementary a glow that rises upward and resembles a peculiar stream of “lava of fire”.

According to the photographer, he was fascinated by the game of colors that he fortunate enough to watch that evening. Shot already in time circling the entire Internet, was made by the Australian on March 28. Inspired by his experience, Miles began exploring rare purple lightning bolts.

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