Urbach-Vite disease – absence fear

Urbach-Vite disease - lack of fearA photo from open sources

No remedy has yet been found for Urbach-Vite disease. And though, with at first glance it seems that being completely fearless is like that great, in fact, not everything is so simple.

University of Iowa Scientists Examining Patient with such a rare disease. This American is not afraid of anything. Even when she was attacked by robbers with weapons, she did not call the police: it all seemed to her some kind of game. The woman fell into other and not less terrible situations, and in each case she was like everything equally. Sometimes fearlessness pushes her into clearly insane acts, say, take a walk along the railing of the bridge, stroke a poisonous snake … So that fearlessness is not as harmless as it seems.

A photo from open sources

Fear is the protective mechanism of man, namely fear in In most cases, it saves our lives. With Urbach-Vite’s disease, how University of Iowa Scientists Find Out Part Of Brain Under Impact calcium, which for some unknown reason accumulates here, hardens, due to which the tissue of the amygdala is destroyed, responsible for fear. Outwardly, this also manifests itself in the fact that a hoarse voice appears, papules around the eyelids, separate scars on the skin.

Fearless American, however, experiences the rest emotions, say, joy, anger, sadness, happiness, love. But the danger that ordinary people are warned by a sense of fear, this woman can only see – on the faces of the people around her, and at least somehow react to the situation. All this makes her quite vulnerable to the outside world.

There are no more than four hundred people on the whole planet, suffering from disease Urbach-Vite. There is no cure for this disease yet. not found. Perhaps because this ailment is not massive and interesting only for scientists, but not for pharmacists …

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