Ustyuzhensky anomalies

Ustyuzhensky anomaliesPhoto from open sources

August 31, 1997, at four in the morning, Ustyuzhanka Valentina Belyaeva woke up from the fact that she was very thirsty. Went to a brightly lit kitchen. Outside the window, directly opposite the house, high in the sky, in a wide-glowing halo, a large ball of fire hung inside the circle was clearly visible … male face.

“The man looked about 60 years old, a high forehead, wrinkles, it is clear that “man” is wise. And this face turned clockwise, – recalls Valentina Anatolyevna. – I opened the window, became watch. The face moved now down, then up, as if trying get out of some plate located inside the ball. From these plate movements also fluctuated. ”

Valentina rushed to wake her husband, but he would wake up for the sake of the sight didn’t want: “You, Valya, see.” When the woman returned on the kitchen, everything began to fade. Overall, the strange vision lasted about five minutes.

“Then I noticed for the first time: when you see something unusual and you say this to another person, everything immediately disappears. Can not everyone can see. A year ago, in December, I went to my parents on the other side of the Mologa, across the bridge. Lunch time over the river a luminous spot flies, approaching me. Doesn’t fly right: then it rises up, then goes down, then flashes brightly, then fading away. I was scared, afraid to go, and then the postman … I to her: “Lyuba, look!” “Probably,” replies, “Valya, this is the Moon.” “Yes what a moon it is! “And as soon as I turned her attention to the spot, “The moon has disappeared,” says Valentina Belyaeva.

Ustyuzhans before that “fell in love” with strange phenomena, not logically explainable that they decided to create a public club “Anomalka”. Some city dwellers set up “abnormal” diaries, where data is entered not only about “extreme” cases, such as “face in a plate”, but also about “small balls”, quickly flying bright the stars. And Ustyuzhanka Lyubov Golovanova began to correspond with Moscow ufologist Mikhail Gershtein, who considers Ustyuzhna abnormal area. Especially the Chesavino field area – really a field of miracles. There, the sky often glows, and in the snow unusual traces appear …

The first meetings of Anomalka were held back in 1997-1998. The people gathered not so much, but were present, as It says, really interested people. Physicist-mathematician, lawyer, doctor, librarian, age of “anomalists” – the most diverse … Studied the magazine “Miracles and Adventures”, carried to discuss newspaper clippings about UFOs, a physicist argued insolvency of visions, eyewitnesses are crazy about themselves thought: are there too many crazy people in Ustyuzhna? After some the club broke up: there was no point in discussing in a circle, serious scientists who could make some significant conclusions (UFO is, satellite, natural wonders, or Americans like us they are studying) in the Ustyug regions there.

But the miracles were as they were. Most recently one the couple was returning from Cherepovets to Nikola. We drove on a car, and a red glowing ball, like a meteor, flew across the sky. AND ok with him, a meteor, so the ball moved along a broken line, to him alone guided trajectory – meteors known to science do not fly like that. Other Ustyuzhin with friends in the early morning fished under a bright glow an orange stripe that, beaming over the fishermen, elegantly left and disappeared from the eyes.

And this story was “brought” from neighboring Cherepovets. Late in the evening father and son were sitting in their apartment. Suddenly through an open window in the room was penetrated by an unknown creature and, seemingly without opening his mouth, began to predict something and dictate some conditions. People were so scared that the boy’s hands were taken away, the man’s speech. After the visit of the “guest” brought them to life for a long time.

Many Ustyuzhans who somehow contacted with UFOs, subsequently observed no less strange things. “After “faces in the plate,” the next day, I’m sitting in the room, suddenly smoke eyes from the floor rises and disappears. And so several times. Head It is a little shy. This is not only with me, but also with others eyewitnesses, – recalls Valentina Belyaeva – People are not serious about this applies. But, if I saw, why don’t I to tell? I think – I must say. ”

The Red North, Vologda, n70

Moon time

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