Utah discovered huge cryptic letters

Utah's enormous cryptic letters found on Utah satellite imageryA photo from open sources

Enthusiasts leading the popular ufological and UFOmania conspiratorial YouTube channel, told subscribers about his new incredible find.

According to the researchers, they looked at satellite images. Utah Desert Through Cartographic Google Earth service and unexpectedly discovered a mysterious earth the accumulation of large objects located in four straight rows. Anomaly coordinates: 40 ° 16’13.4 “N 112 ° 21’40.2” W

The authors of the find turned to older satellite photographs of this place and were surprised to find that a mysterious phenomenon has been observed here since at least 1993, then he appeared in the desert not yesterday, not a week and not a month ago. It is amazing that no one has discovered this anomaly before.

Conspirologists hypothesize that we have symbols once brought to earth by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, and one can only guess what is encrypted in such letters. One thing the experts say with confidence is: if it really is so, then the alien language should be quite complex, since neither one of the letters does not repeat. This greatly reduces the chances of earthly cryptographers decode an intriguing message.

As for the skeptics, in their opinion, we are talking about artificial plantings of any trees.

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