Valley of the Headless Madmen

Valley of the Headless MadmenPhotos from open sources

There are still many blank spots on Earth, that is, mysterious places like the Bermuda Triangle. To them fully applies and Canadian Headless Valley.

Gold diggers

At the end of the century before last, when America was swept by a golden fever, rumors spread among miners in the north Canada has a fantastic valley literally packed yellow metal nuggets. Naturally, the people rushed there, without even bothering with the fact that the natives considered this place damned and bypassed him.

The first recorded victim of the valley was a squad of six gold diggers who crossed its border in 1898 and … have disappeared. Their headless skeletons in an embrace with weapons on which they hoped so, they were discovered only a few years later. IN 1905 three more daredevils went to the valley for gold – Macleo brothers and their friend. Their headless troupes have also been found. after only three years. Strange that weapons, other accessories the expeditions were not touched, but their heads were absent. After that, the cursed place was called the Valley headless.

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Subsequently, the valley devoured many in the same terrible way. miners, hunters, and even cops.


Surprisingly, they began to study the Headless Valley only in the second half of the last century. The first expedition led by Blake Mackenzie, was equipped only in 1962. However, scientists comprehended the prospectors, they were searched for a long time with the help of helicopters, and only two months later they found headless troupes.

In the sixty-fifth year, a new a group of researchers – a German and two Swedes, who also do not have returned. The rescuers in a helicopter disappeared without a trace. In 1980 reporters became interested in this phenomenon, the Spiegel magazine soon organized an expedition of professionals, which included three former American paratroopers who can survive in any extreme conditions. On the third day they broadcast on the radio that the valley is drawn in by some strange fog, and there’s no longer a connection went out. The search group sent after them has disappeared also.

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American ufologist Henk Mortimer soon organized another expedition. An experienced specialist in every paranormal, Henk, seems to have provided for everything: took the latest equipment, weapons, even armored car for people. But this did not help either. In the first the evening the radio operator conveyed from the valley in a voice full of horror that from a rock emptiness comes upon them – and the connection is interrupted. Lifeguards right there flew into the valley, and were in place literally half an hour later. However instead of camp, they saw a bare spot, even traces of their stay scientists have not been found. Only a few days later a corpse was discovered one of six participants, naturally, without a head.

All subsequent expeditions and excursions to the valley ended the same type, that is, people disappeared and at best found them decapitated corpses. The last time the victims of the cursed place were three reckless students who went to the valley, arrogantly deciding to wipe the nose of the entire learned world.


What really happens in the valley, so far no one knows. Natives believe that an evil spirit lives in this place, some researchers believe that the cause of tragedies may be yeti or sasquatch what is his name the Indians because snowy a man in the valley was seen more than once or twice.

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There is a more fantastic version, according to which in the valley there is a portal to another parallel world, and the world of the dark entities that take people and for some incomprehensible to us reason decapitate them.

Like it or not, but almost no one visits a terrible place, and even scientists observe it only with the help of satellites. Aborigines rightly believe that only a headless crazy may head to the Valley of the Headless.

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