“Velociraptor” hit the surveillance camera in Tbilisi

Photo from open sources

Amazing video is currently distributed by World Wide Web. Allegedly an unusual movie was received 22 April this year, a surveillance camera of one of the enterprises Georgian capital.

Mysterious shots taken at night outside a certain building, demonstrate an incomprehensible creature that looks suspiciously … like Velociraptor – a predatory biped dinosaur that lived on Earth 83-70 million years ago. Wagging its tail, a large creature approaches to a freight van, inspected around, then disappears from field of view of the lens.

It is reported that the authors of the intriguing find were the guards enterprises that noticed an uninvited guest on the system monitor security. Many netizens are convinced that it cannot be no doubt – the Velociraptor is visible on the record. Nonetheless, many commentators reasonably refuse to believe that before us real ancient pangolin.

Internet patrons suggest it’s about video editing, a man in a dinosaur costume or even animatronics, that is, a full-sized mechanical model – something like those robots that were used to shoot the famous “Park” Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Period. However, the latest theory looks almost as absurd as appearing in Tbilisi real velociraptor.

Meanwhile, there were people who thought that he could a gap occurs in the space-time continuum, and the animal from prehistoric times, in fact, if only for a short time has moved today.

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