Video: moved to a Cambodian actress evil spirits

Video: evil spirits infiltrated Cambodian actressPhoto from open sources

A mysterious video came from the Kingdom of Cambodia, in which, perhaps captured a person possessed by evil forces. During amateur theater held in the city Battambang, one of the actresses suddenly began to behave very strange and frighteningly.

The girl began to rush at others and almost strangled one person with a piece of wire. She screamed in a terrible voice and bent her joints at unnatural angles. Colleagues of this the theatrical ladies thought that evil had settled in her, and locked actress in the dressing room. By turning on the video below, you can see a Cambodian sitting there on the floor.

It’s ironic that on the stage the girl played the role shortly before ghosts. No wonder they say that a person should be more attentive keep track of who he calls himself and whom he portrays. Special this applies, of course, to the actors.

So, in the 1960s, a little-known British lyceum Archie Ferguson went crazy playing in a play where his hero the plot stabbed his wife. This role had on the stage master so the strong influence that he, like his character, inflicted own wife several stab wounds and was placed in psychiatric hospital strictly regimen. Note that the examples when the actors even died after the role of the dead they played, more than enough. It’s enough to recall at least Russian ones – Vasily Shukshina (“Red Guelder-rose”), Leonid Bykov (“Aty-bats, walked soldiers “) and many others, and Natalya Varley, playing the deceased in “Viye”, for a long time grinded this sin in the church, still believing that no one should make such a mistake in an acting career – she fraught with serious consequences. But of course, not only roles the dead, but also another mystical game on stage, is dangerous to actors, which showed, for example, Anna’s premature demise Friske and many of her colleagues involved in the mystic film “Night watch”.

Of course, perhaps the young Cambodian simply could not stand it. mental stress and elementary gone crazy. However and the following assumption is true: portraying in front of the audience coming from the other world, the girl actually turned her body into a vessel vulnerable to otherworldly forces.

The skeptics, however, believe that no obsession is about and speech, and before us is just a skillful trick for advertising youth Theater in Battambang. However, such Thomas unbelievers can only to regret, because as already proven not only by spiritual people, but also scientists, skeptics – people are flawed, with deformed DNA. It – “disease”, unfortunately, is not a property of the mind and not even a consequence improper upbringing. And she, this “vile infection”, like it turns out to be inherited …


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