Video of a strange anomaly: ufologists believe that it’s a mole hole

Video of a strange anomaly: ufologists believe it isA photo from open sources

On the Internet, this video is called a “parallel portal”. world. “In fact, his video is more like a solar an eclipse, yes here is bad luck – that day over the United States is not observed this astronomical phenomenon. Moreover, how witnesses say the sun at that time was in a completely different side, and the moon in this case did not even matter, and because no one even found out her whereabouts at that time.

And the following happened: the sky, densely covered by clouds, suddenly illuminated by a bright spot, as if through the clouds the sun erupted. But this pseudo sun quickly disappears, but in its place arises as times an object very similar to the moon during a solar eclipse. True, this picture lasted just nothing – a few seconds.

Ufologists claim that this is a “wormhole” – a portal through which aliens penetrate into our world: whether their other worlds, distant from us, perhaps in millions of light years, or from of the future.

Currently, more and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that The universe is multidimensional, and time, in turn, is far from what we are about think of him. Based on these assumptions, real travels in The universe can only be through such “wormholes”. And with on the other hand, such portals can connect not only distant points of the universe, but also parallel worlds, and even different epochs.

It’s hard to say what the Americans captured the other day, but, of course, that most of all it looks exactly like some space-time gap, that is, just on the “mole hole. ”

As one of the commentators on this video noted, even if it’s fake, it very clearly shows what constitutes portal to a parallel world. It’s possible the author of the video in this case just watched it once or even dreamed it seemed like something. But as the wise say, human consciousness can’t see or come up with anything “from scratch”, it just erupts where it really exists …

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