Video with an incomprehensible reflection in the mirror surprised Network

Video with an incomprehensible reflection in the mirror surprised the NetworkA photo from open sources

Mom of a 4 year old boy from the US city of San Antonio, Texas was puzzled after it received an incomprehensible video with his son.

The child grimaced near the mirror, and a relative decided capture this action on a smartphone. However, something happened unexpected that was successfully captured on camera.

When the preschooler stopped making faces and walked away from the mirror, mother suddenly realized that his reflection left the frame somewhat earlier. And this, of course, is pure physical impossibility.

As you might guess, our heroine was very surprised and even scared by such an unusual discovery. She many times I watched a mysterious video, making sure that what had happened was not her hallucination. After that, the American decided to lay out the material to the World Wide Web. By turning on the entry below, you You can see the “animated reflection” with your own eyes. Video fast scattered across the web, collecting thousands of comments on various sites.

Some Internet users are convinced that the camera a phenomenon of supernatural nature. According to others, before us the result of skillful editing. There are also commentators who do not believe in hoaxes, but try to find what happened rational explanation. For example, it is hypothesized that speech talking about bizarre optical illusion caused by corners the location of the mirror and camera.

One way or another, a mysterious video that has become small an internet sensation made many of us smash our heads, doubting the stability of our reality.


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