Vietnamese boy from birth speaks in English

Vietnamese boy speaks English from birthA photo from open sources

Now 5 year old Vietnamese villager Le Nguyen Bao Trung, whom the family calls Bean, speaks English from birth, despite the fact that he never contacted the carriers of this language. The boy’s parents were amazed when at the age of two he began to pronounce words in a language unknown to them. In the present moment the preschooler speaks, reads and writes in English fluently, however, learns Vietnamese to communicate with others.

Our hero lives with his mother and father in the village of Don Van Province Hachin. The boy’s parents recall that when their son started speak, they initially perceived his words as incoherent baby babbling. However, over time, Bina’s loved ones realized: Something is wrong here. Why does the child refuse to speak his native language language? Once a neighbor teenage girl visited the family, learning english at school. It was she who allowed fellow countrymen to unravel this secret.

Bean sat on the floor with a calendar and said something to himself. Guest I was very surprised when I heard how the boy called in English months of the year. Of course, the parents of the child were even more surprised, who did not know a word in English and could not teach his offspring to a foreign language. The girl conducted a test with Bean and with easily determined that he speaks English incomparably better her. But is there any rational explanation for this?

Alas, no one knows yet. One thing is for sure accuracy: Le Nguyen Bao Trung never heard English from surrounding (except for the aforementioned neighbor), as well as spawning not I watched and did not listen to television and radio programs in a foreign language. No English literature in the family home, obviously, was not there either.

Someone will say that we are talking about genetic memory (if the ancestors Bina was spoken in English) or even about the memory of a Vietnamese from his past life, where he could be an Englishman. Theoretically it it is possible, however, official science does not recognize reincarnation, although in the world of such cases (even more convincing) rebirth a lot of people …


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