Village of Whisperers

Photo from open sources

A group lives on the very outskirts of northeast Poland elderly adherents of Orthodoxy who are said to be have special power. With the help of conspiracies they can heal sick, cast out evil spirits and even … stop the heart of the enemy. Living at the mystical crossroads of the Christian faith and the popular prejudice, they consider themselves members of the church, although the church itself does not recognize them. They are called “whispers.” Photographer from Warsaw Cuba Kaminsky heard of “whispers” before in stories that are more looked like ordinary legends. But still their life seemed so mysterious that just required research. “I like to shoot invisible, says Kaminsky, 28. – That’s why I wanted to go there, touch things that are incomprehensible to people, with their hands. ”

Photo from open sources

Cuba is not familiar with the language and region of Podlasie, which is adjacent to Belarus, Ukraine and the Kaliningrad region. Therefore he included in the expedition of his friend, young ethnographer Tomasz Sulimu. Tomash speaks a dialect of whisperers – obscure mix Belarusian and Polish. He served as a guide during a two week trip to these people who are very wary relate to strangers. The camera only heightened suspicion, and it took a long time to persuade them to shoot. Whisperers they don’t call themselves that. And they do not necessarily recognize themselves as Poles. Nationality does not bother them: when you ask who they are, ordinary answer: “We are here.”

Photo from open sources

And yet they are of the Orthodox faith, and they say that God commanded they conduct supernatural rites. But this, in turn, is not gives the church to fully accept them in their fold. Not the last of The reasons for this are that some of the conspiracies are aimed at causing harm or death. But whispers claim their strength still aimed at healing. “The whisperer for those here comes, more important than a doctor treating cancer, “says himself photographer. Together with Tomas Sulima Cuba Kaminsky is going to continue this expedition, now in Belarus, reported on the Lens blog on the New York Times.


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