Virtual archaeologists found in Antarctica “geoglyph” in the form of a wolf

In Antarctica, virtual archaeologists have foundA photo from open sources

Using the Google Earth satellite program, online archaeologists find the most incredible things on our planet today, ranging from possible ruins of the legendary Atlantis and ending with the missing missing airliners and ships.

One of the most popular places on Earth has been and remains for such researchers Antarctica. We invite you to get acquainted with another “discovery” made by virtual archaeologists on ice continent.

This time they found here a giant drawing, like the famous geoglyphs of the Nazca Plateau in Peru. Huge dark spot measuring approximately 150 x 70 meters remotely resembles some kind of animal, most likely a wolf.

A photo from open sources

A drawing or symbol, as determined by the researchers themselves, can see only from above – a bird’s eye view, and therefore difficult to assume that it was made for some domestic purposes. Most a probable assumption seems that this drawing served a sign or some kind of reference point for aircraft. But to whom he was needed – this is a real mystery. Perhaps they used it aliens, or perhaps the ancient inhabitants of the Earth, for whom Antarctica at that time was not an ice desert.

Skeptics, of course, immediately accused virtual archaeologists of far-fetchedness of such “discoveries” that are more like natural formations than artifacts. Wolf-like the creature, in their opinion, is very vague and does not pull on a geoglyph is just part of the thawing surface of Antarctica, and not Moreover.

However, see for yourself and decide. You can also refer to Google Earth app and find this mysterious place on ice continent, find coordinates – 77 ° 3’27.48 “S 126 ° 23’50.76 “W

Antarctica Geoglyphs Peru

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