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It’s been several years since my family and I moved to another city, I occasionally hear a voice. At one time I even went to to a psychiatrist, but not to one, and they all unanimously assure me that I absolutely healthy. But the voice I keep hearing. Can say I’m used to it.

It all started in the spring of 1997? It was March, still snowing icicles were on the roofs. I came back to work from lunch, my way lay past a five-story building. And so when I approached him, about to turn around the corner, she suddenly heard: “Stop!” I looked around, but saw no one. And at that moment to the place where I had to stand, a huge icicle fell. If? If I don’t stopped? – would happen? would be irreparable. Mentally crossed herself and thanked the one who took me away from this.

A few days later I heard this voice again. I was on kitchen, preparing dinner. Should guests have come? – a married couple. Mine the dishes and suddenly someone above my ear says: “Do not wait for the guests.” I jumped from surprise, because apart from me, nobody in the apartment It was! I looked around, and then the phone rang. Lesha called, the one who going with his wife to come. From the voice it was heard that he was very excited, even in a panic. Alex said that he and his wife do not will come? – she is in the hospital. It turns out she broke that day leg …

After that, I was no longer surprised. Periodically in some situations I heard this voice. He either reported that soon will happen, or warned. Once, when my daughter was going to summer camp, a voice said something like “the bus will break.” I do not knew what to do, but in the end, managed to delay her daughter, and she missed the ill-fated bus. Of course, we had a fight I heard a lot from her, but didn’t take offense? – I didn’t have reasons not to trust your voice. Father took her daughter to the station, and from there she with a few latecomers I went to the gathering place. Got safely. And in the evening news, I saw a message about tragedy? – the bus in which Lenochka was supposed to go, to collided with a car on the highway … She suddenly drove into the oncoming strip. There were wounded and dead. I crossed myself and called Lena. She, as it turned out, heard about all this on the radio. Of course all we were shocked by the thought of what could happen …

And for ten years now I have been hearing this voice. Don’t know how is it explain and why this is happening. Maybe it’s just mine intuition? And if not? – then what is it?

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