Volgogradka found a recipe for eternal youth

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According to Lyudmila Borisovna Svarich, who lives in Novoanninsky district of the Volgograd region, she owns a special the technology that Tibetan monks have revealed to her and which is capable of return a person to youth and defeat various ailments …

Now Lyudmila Borisovna is seventy, but she looks younger, according at least twenty years.

Tibetan Monk’s Recipe

After graduating from the Institute of Finance and Economics, a lot of women years worked in their specialty. She never got carried away esotericism – until the very moment that turned it over a life.

In 1997, Lyudmila Borisovna arrived on official business in St. Petersburg, where she came across an interesting announcement: a Tibetan monk held a seminar for everyone. Svarich decided going to him is just out of curiosity. After courses on alternative medicine, to which, by the way, the woman was not too seriously, she was given the diploma of a hypnotherapist. However the teacher told his student that her path is not hypnotherapy and unleash your abilities Lyudmila still only to be. He handed the woman a computer disk and told her to use the information recorded on it is for good purposes only. And added that the more Lyudmila does good, the more she will receive knowledge.

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And she really from childhood was gifted with unusual abilities. After talking with her, people had a headache, spasms disappeared … Mom of five-year-old Luda suffered from lymphadenitis in axillary region, and she was periodically incised to relieve pain. Once a woman asked her daughter to put her hand to the sore spot. After that, both fell asleep, and in the morning it turned out that the disease disappeared and even the scars resolved. Luda could also foresee various events in her family and in relatives, she often dreamed prophetic dreams. However, then on her ability of special attention no one did not pay. And therefore, the girl herself did not give it much values.

Returning from St. Petersburg, Svarich installed on a computer a program she received from a Tibetan monk. It turned out many audio files with the name of human organs: eyes, thyroid gland, stomach … When you start any of them started work healing frequencies that the human ear does not perceived. With the help of this disk, Lyudmila Borisovna began to treat your loved ones and friends: migraine, cataracts, colds, hernia – all passed. Yes, and she herself daily connected to wellness frequencies.

Recipe for Eternal Youth

Despite the obvious successes in healing practice, Lyudmila suffered from the realization that she was inexorably aging. Old age she I was always afraid, because it is helplessness, memory loss, and sometimes – and reason … And Lyudmila Borisovna decided to use the program with the aim of turn aging back at least five years. However like that to do? And the woman mentally turned with a question to the higher powers: why does the human body age? How to avoid old age? And the answer came: it is necessary to reanimate the thymus gland, which responsible for our youth and development until the age of twenty-two.

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Thanks to the knowledge and practice, Lyudmila for two to three years younger than twenty. In her seventy woman today no one gives more than fifty, and she wonders if she can get back my thirty years? ..

The Tibetan monk who gave Ludmila a computer disk told to her, that at the beginning, when humanity only came to our planet, people lived for five hundred years or more. In secret Tibetan monasteries and today there are monks living up to three hundred years. However humanity ruins itself with wars and aggressiveness.

The life path of a modern person is a short stretch, and this happened because people moved away from energy of the Creator. Tibetan monk said that everything in our the planet operates at a frequency of 432 hertz, which is given to the Earth over. However, in 1936, this frequency was replaced in all 442 hertz electrical appliances (one was initiated influential American), because it is easy and simple to operate on it by people. Thus, the destructive frequency of 442 hertz enters into a contradiction with the natural frequency of 432 hertz, which negatively affects the life of mankind. Therefore in the house Lyudmila Borisovna Svarich all devices operate at a frequency of 432 hertz, which also contributes to the rejuvenation of the hostess.

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A woman continues to help people: with the help of frequencies, she charges water from drunkenness, in ten days heals a vertebral hernia … Tibetan monk was right: helping others, healer receives all new and new information that comes to her in the form of thoughts and prophetic dreams. By the way, today Lyudmila may even predict the date of human death …

Eternal youth as a process of spiritual rebirth

As Lyudmila Borisovna says, she was given information about that Atlantis, about which the ancient Greek philosopher Plato wrote, existed in reality. Among us today descendants live Atlantes – amazingly developed creatures. You can recognize them by two characteristic features, the first of which is an extraordinary mind, and the second – panic fear of water. These people avoid any contact with water, do not know how and do not want to learn how to swim. So it works genetic memory as Atlantis disappeared into the ocean with all their inhabitants.

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Lyudmila also says that others are constantly watching us, more advanced civilizations. Their life proceeds quite differently than that of us, and for reproduction they need earthlings, why specifically – It is not known while this information is hidden even for Lyudmila.

Not all human souls are immortal, says Lyudmila. Souls those who committed a lot of evil, cosmic forces transform dust. Such, by the way, is the fate of ISIS militants: awaiting them after death not the paradise their leaders promise them, but total decay.

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… Currently, Ludmila Svarich continues to study processes aging and rejuvenation. With the help of the frequency program, the healer ready to work for free with volunteers who, like her themselves, they want to return youth. For example, the great oracle of the twentieth century Edgar Cayce argued that in the future people of the sixth spiritual race they will live eight hundred years, or even not die at all. therefore Lyudmila considers eternal youth as a process of rebirth in man of his spiritual principle, which he lost in pursuit of material joys and benefits …

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