Voronezh teenagers stumbled upon a “picnic on the roadside “

Voronezh teenagers came acrossA photo from open sources

Voronezh teenagers (surnames for obvious reasons do not called) the other day went with parents to nature, but since children are always bored with their parents, the boys in some moment behind in the forest from adults and soon wandered into impassable thicket.

In search of a way out of it, teenagers came across a clearing with a mysterious hill. Coming closer to him because of the simple human curiosity, children heard a strange buzz when this they smelled of burnt metal. In addition, on there were still some mysterious structures or mechanisms later, students will call them alien, because, according to their In their opinion, they were simply fantastic, unlike anything.

Frightened by what they saw, the teenagers rushed, as they say, on the run. To their surprise, they soon left the thicket, and then also easily found parents. All attempts to return with adults and see what kind of mysterious hill it stands in more often did not have success, children could not show their parents even the thicket itself – her it simply wasn’t and couldn’t be, as the parents thought, once in these places.

It turns out that the schoolchildren “failed” in some kind of mole hole and moved to another world? But what a strange clearing that they found in it what a fantastic hill? Straight picnic on sidelines “from the Strugatsky brothers’ novel …

If teenagers haven’t come up with all this (which is often also happens), then they were just lucky to get out of the parallel world – so quickly and practically without any consequences (even temporary Zdvig did not happen). After all, the disappearance of people, including children, in forests and forest parks – for our planet a common occurrence. Annually thus thousands of people disappear, while returning units …

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