Waiting for the mysterious planet Nibiru

Waiting for the mysterious planet NibiruPhotos from open sources of

No matter how officials and eminent astronomers claim that no Planet X exists, no matter how it seems wild with point of view of logic, but talk of the mysterious Nibiru is not subside.

In this case, NASA employees, who somehow said (as a joke or something?) that Nibiru still exists, and some world-famous scientists as an astronomer physicist from South Africa, Claudia Albers, who in all seriousness stated that Planet X is already in our star system and represents for Earth is a huge danger.

No wonder that now any strange natural and especially the inhabitants of heaven perceive the heavenly phenomenon as a sign approaching threat, doomsday due to the same the notorious nibiru. So the Spaniards the other day saw something unusual in sky after sunset, and immediately began to shoot the video “terrible sign “and upload frightening videos to the Internet with the most fantastic assumptions that still came down to one – this is Planet X!

The video actually shows something remarkable, like because of the clouds a bright orange light breaks through, and at that time, as the sun in this place could no longer be – it hid behind horizon a moment earlier. What is this second luminary? Can not to be. So – Nibiru peers through the clouds, they immediately decided Spaniards At least this assumption was immediately picked up ufologists, conspiracy theorists and began to intensely exaggerate it in the World the web.

The most interesting, wrote in one of the comments to this video is obviously the most intelligent user of the World spider webs, if that happened, say, half a century ago, at such a “sign” no one would even pay attention to. Well, something unusual I personally do not understand, but scientists probably know what it is. And that’s all! And now, thanks to the Internet, a devil is going on in the minds of people knows what …

It’s hard not to agree, because in the vastness of the Internet today they don’t write what conclusions they don’t make. And so I want to remind a good Russian proverb: less you know – sleep better. Or is it better to know and suffer a lot insomnia? ..

Nibiru sun

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