Waiting for the mysterious planet Nibiru

No matter how official or eminent astronomers claim that
no Planet X exists, no matter how wild it may seem.
logic point of view, but the talk of the mysterious Nibiru is not

In this case, the NASA staff, who
somehow let slip (in a joke or what?) that Nibiru still
there is, and some world-renowned scientists as an astronomer physicist
from South Africa Claudia Albers, who in all seriousness stated that
Planet X is already in our star system and represents for
Earth is a huge danger.

No wonder that now any strange natural and especially
heavenly phenomenon ordinary people perceive as a sign
the approaching threat of the end of the world because of the same
the notorious Nibiru. So the Spaniards the other day saw something unusual in
the sky after sunset, and immediately began to take video “terrible
a sign “and spread scary videos on the Internet with
the most fantastic assumptions that still came down
to one is Planet X!

The video actually demonstrates something remarkable, like
bright orange light comes from behind the clouds, and at that time,
as the sun in this place could no longer be – it disappeared behind
horizon a moment earlier. What is it, the second light? Can not
be. And that means – Nibiru peeps through the clouds, they immediately decided
Spaniards. At least this assumption was immediately picked up.
ufologists, conspiracologists, and began to exaggerate him intensely in the World
the web.

Most interesting, wrote in one of the comments to this video,
obviously the most intelligent user of the world wide web if
it happened, say, half a century ago, on such a “sign” no one would
did not even pay attention. Well, something unusual, I personally do not
understandable, but scientists surely know what it is. And that’s it! BUT
now, thanks to the Internet, the devil knows what’s going on in people’s minds

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