Waking up in a parallel world is quite perhaps

Waking up in a parallel world is quite possible.Photo from open sources

Svetlana Moiseeva lives in Kaliningrad, on Soldatskaya Street. At Germans, this old street was named after the agricultural chemist Justus Liebig. With that the canning factory stands at the time, now it is a fish cannery combine. It is clearly visible from the windows of the house, where since 1985. resides Svetlana. This, by the way, is also an ancient building crowned with tiled roof and indicated on the map in 1929.


Svetlana Moiseeva is 49 years old, she does not use drugs, practically does not drink or even smoke. Never used drugs that affect the psyche, did not experience visual or sound hallucinations. Even after experiencing clinical death at age 19, the girl could not boast of accompanying this condition visions – black tunnel, bright light, your own body, observed from the side – it just fell into the darkness. In a word, it is practical, sane and far from mysticism. female. All the more striking is the case that happened to her in February 1997

A photo from open sources

Winter stood out very cold that year. The house where Svetlana lives, the boiler room of the fish cannery heats, and at that time it drowned badly, since it worked on fuel oil. Practically no batteries warmed up.

The woman then lived alone. She went to sleep in a sweater, sports trousers and knitted socks. Svetlana remembers well that the windows in her apartment were glued for the winter (and how else?), and the front door on the chain was guarded by locks. In the apartment itself it never darkened, as its two windows “looked” at the facade of the association, which worked in three shifts and sparkled by all windows. In addition, the plant was illuminated by spotlights and street lanterns.

Alien and scary world

But one night a woman woke up and was surprised by the environment her darkness and unnatural silence. It was so unusual that Svetlana got out of bed and pressed the light switch, however, did not catch fire. She went to the hallway, then to the kitchen – the light is not lit up nowhere.

And then the woman suddenly realized that she was standing on the floor with her bare feet, Dressed in a light long dress. She ran her hand through the fabric and felt soft, obviously natural knitwear, as it seemed to her, blue color. Or maybe it was “dyed” by a dim light lantern outside the window …

A photo from open sources

Svetlana looked around and was amazed. Her apartment filled with old furniture and many things, was now almost empty. She woke up, as it turned out, on some trestle bed, and not on your favorite oak couch. There was no stove in the kitchen, nor sinks, but near the window there was a low drawer – there was even it’s not clear whether this is a seat or a locker.

Most of all, Svetlana was amazed when she looked into the kitchen window: the familiar building of the plant was not only not lit outside, in there weren’t even windows! .. The building looked like a monolith, as if it placed in a huge, dark and shiny case. From the usual spruce growing in front of the plant and winter snow disappeared …

In the courtyard, as usual, a lamp burned, only for some reason its light was blue and completely unnatural … but the most frightening there was silence – absolute, grave. Svetlana appeared the feeling that there is no one else in the world besides her. It was like that it’s terrible that the woman literally shook. Where did she go? To another measurement? To the future? To the past? How will she live here completely alone ?!

A photo from open sources

Not understanding why she is doing this, Svetlana approached front door: locks and chain were in order. (“Lord, what does all this mean? “) Returning to the bedroom, she lay down on the only of all furniture trestle bed and hid with a stiff head, rude blanket. She tried for a long time to calm her trembling tremor, and then imperceptibly fell asleep …

In the morning she woke up on her oak couch, in the familiar setting. In the apartment everything was, as before, on the street – too. World again became the same as before!

Svetlana then told about what happened to her only to her mother, but she decided that it was simply deep, very realistic dream – this happens. But Svetlana is sure: everything with it happened, happened in reality: in that reality was too many small details and nuances that are easy to distinguish a dream from reality, but which is almost impossible to explain in words. It was just a strange world, deserted and scary, completely different to our …

Parallel Worlds

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