Want to raise money – take a mortgage!

Want to raise money - take a mortgage!A photo from open sources

This is not a joke, and not even a hidden advertisement. This is good advice from practical psychologists. If a person is afraid of any loans, they say, especially as serious as a mortgage, it closes own development – moving forward.

Let’s look into this issue in more detail. You have never noticed that, as a rule, spin around a certain amount earnings. And even when you get fired, it immediately turns up work with approximately the same salary? Everything is very simple: how much let money into your consciousness (and then into the subconscious) – so much receive.

What happens if you take a mortgage? She nudges you to increase income, and you finally break that barrier, beyond who so stubbornly clings to your consciousness, afraid of any changes (this is his main credo – to be afraid). According to statistics, more than 60 percent of people who took a mortgage, in the first year increases its income (how much – not really important right now). In the next three years – almost one hundred percent of such borrowers significantly improve your financial situation. Mortgage in this case is no longer a burden, but, on the contrary, significantly strengthens the material base of the family.

On the same dry (but so entertaining, if it concerns you!) statistics, a family with a mortgage becomes more friendly and loving – and new babies appear in it. Many this is explained by improved housing conditions, but few people understand that life has changed for the better in general, His Majesty has come to the house – Well-being.


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