We are slaves of supermen

We are slaves of supermenPhoto from open sources

“Some scientists believe,” writes academician YuAFomin, “that man is the pinnacle of natural evolution, and therefore can exist for millions of years. Unless it destroys itself myself.

To think so is very reassuring. Who wants to think that some sentient beings of the future will become cautiously, spatulas and with tassels, clean our fossilized skeletons how to do it modern paleontologists? But … Man, like everyone who inhabits the Earth species, changing with increasing speed. And not far off the time when something else will come to replace us is not at all similar. I do not want to say that a person will disappear from the face Of the earth. I think that outwardly it will not change (at least in the near future time), but internally it will be transformed very much. ”

Academician Fomin believes that we can already talk about the formation in the bowels of mankind of a new kind – superman, that is, creatures more perfect. What kind of creature will this be? How will look externally? And in general, is there any reason to talk about this or not? Perhaps such forecasts are another scarecrow for and so frightened by every man in the street? There are reasons- So, more and more around people with paranormal abilities. it telepathy, telekinesis, alternative healing, magic and other things.

But this applies to the elect, that is, those endowed supernatural abilities. What about the rest? Quiet and meekly die out? Or become slaves to the superhuman race?

“One of my colleagues,” said Yuri Alexandrovich during of our conversation, when we discussed this problem with him, jokingly, but aptly remarked: “We are for them – a herd of sheep, which is lovingly guarded by a basturma lover. “There is such a point of view on the future, but I am more optimistic. Because I’ve been driving for many years research and training the most ordinary people with all sorts of abnormal abilities: clairvoyance, telekinesis and much more.

Of course, those who, according to Academician Fomin, are representatives of the superhuman race, much more quickly develop in themselves these abilities. But ordinary people in a couple of years are able to achieve amazing results. So we, the ordinary, have a lot of chances harmoniously integrate into the future of humanity, and not stay on backyard of progress. To do this, one thing is necessary: ​​to study long and hard, considers another academician – N.N. Denisov.


In our life, we often have to make instant decisions, on which our fate depends. Therefore, the main task of today days – do not put maximum knowledge into a person, as they try to do in schools and universities, and teach him to quickly receive the information which he needs here and now for each specific situation. If we built our education on this principle, we would live more happily. After all, our whole life is made up of concrete situations, and the more right decisions we make, the it will develop more harmoniously.

When we discussed this topic with N.N. Denisov, I said that read about all this in the Strugatsky’s novel ugly swans. All this is very similar, because Denisov was engaged in “nurturing” supernatural abilities in youth. What’s new?

The answer was this:

– How does a person make decisions at every moment of his life? By What channels does he receive information for making these decisions? is he uses five traditional communication channels with the outside world: visual (about 75% of the information); auditory (14%); tactile (about 6%); taste and olfactory (about 5%). Before you take decision, a person must look at the object, listen to it, touch and so on. If we looked good enough listened carefully enough, our decision will be correct. Thus, the person who has more opportunities to receive information, always happier in business, happier in personal of life. He secures an advantage in decision making on compared to other people.


And you can learn this! You can learn to read with closed eyes, to see objects through an obstacle (from the next room, eg). You can learn to “hear” a person’s thoughts and interact with him tactilely at a distance, that is, not touching hand. And academician Denisov proved it to me not in a word, but by deed. One of his pupils read any texts with average speed. I put a blindfold on her personally, so cheating is ruled out. Another petite girl with two slender fingers bent the nail, making the letter “g” out of it. I asked her show fingers: there was no sign of strong pressure. For comparison, take a nail and push from both ends, then look at your fingers. Everything will become clear to you.

Of course, after the tricks of David Copperfield, we can say that in our world is nothing impossible. But when that happens on your eyes, and not on the TV screen, I want to know how manages to achieve this.


What is the mechanism based on, for example, visions with closed eyes? We are used to perceiving information about an object through our eyes. The rays of light entering the eye focus on the retina, and on it an image is formed. The captured image in the form of nerves signals are sent to the brain where they are decrypted and create visual perception. But in the brain there is no screen, no projector – there just nerve cell stimulation that allows us enough Accurately receive information about the object and say: “Yes, I see it.” In fact, the wave signal coming from the object propagates in all directions, not directly in our eyes. Therefore, you can not see only by them, but also using other senses (“see” ears, fingers, nose – that is, with the help of hearing, sensations, sense of smell). When we understand that the first information is nothing, in fact, doesn’t differ from the second one, we’ll also understand that, using the second one, unconventional channel, we can see much more than an ordinary channel a man sees with his eyes. He, for example, cannot see cards through “shirt”, can not see what is in the next room. is he cannot see the internal organs of man. From the usual point of view, all this is incredible. For a person using non-traditional video channel, such things become possible.


But why, you ask, to develop an unusual perception video signal? For millennia, man has used for this the goals of the eye given by nature, and he received enough information. 2000 years ago, the series of events in human life was very simple – 5-6 events per day. The events that are happening to us in during the day, sometimes difficult to count. Everything has changed! And will be change further because our society, our nature, our The Earth, that is, the world around us, is also changing all the time.

“The world around us is constantly evolving and becoming more complex,” writes Nikolai Nikolaevich Denisov. – And if we stay the same like 2000 years ago, our living space will begin to narrow. It will be replaced by complex processes that constantly occur around us. Therefore, when you are told that tomorrow it will become better and easier, do not believe it. Tomorrow will be harder! The only way out is to start fast. develop and keep up with the outside world and people with superpowers.

Nature shows us many examples of how living things communicate with the outside world in a much wider range than human. An owl sees in the dark; the bat touches objects not touching them; dolphin perceives sounds in a huge frequency range. Why can they, but not a person? It turns out, and man maybe if he wants to. Most often, these abilities are manifested in us in extreme situations. But it’s not necessary to wait, when a brick falls on your head or you get hit by a current high voltage. I repeat, such abilities are possible in myself develop by daily labor. ”

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