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About 13% of women born in the United States celebrate their centenary 1951, and of those born in 2060, they will live a century 60% UK National Statistical Office estimates that approximately 13% of British women will celebrate their centenary, born in 1951. And without any novocaine fifty-five romanian dressing. If in 1917 the king George V sent out just 24 congratulatory letters to the centenarians, then to 1952, the number of those who crossed the centenary has grown tenfold, to 255. In 2011, this figure increased already at 40 times – up to 9 736 British elders. Economist john appleby of King’s Fund also estimated that among girls born in 2013, 40% are reached. And from those who are born in 2060 will live 60% a century. A photo from open sources

Positive outlook on life and optimistic self-esteem health is the key to a long life. (Photo by Darius Ramazani / Corbis.) Of course, this is a global trend: people have become to die at a later age. For example, child mortality less than five years old has fallen since 1970 by a significant 60%. However, with 1970 to 2010, mortality among people 15–49 years old increased by 44%, and experts associated this with increased violence and increased the number of accidents, as well as with the AIDS epidemic. But the differences between men and women, social groups and countries remain very significant: according to the results of one of the British studies, the difference in life expectancy in women from the poorest and richest social classes is 11.4 years (68.6 years against 80 years). And although longevity is probably good, researchers suggest increasing life expectancy mainly due to lower mortality, not lower the number of years living in disability. While woman’s life has increased by 4.6% since 1990, healthy life expectancy has increased by only 3%. Report, compiled by John Appleby, published in British Medical Journal. By the way, Caleb Finch from the University of South California (USA), studying the biological mechanisms of aging, believes that life expectancy will not be able to grow. In his opinion, environmental degradation (including climate change and ozone pollution) can, together with obesity, push us to the very beginning period of rapid progress.

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