Weapons found against women

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According to scientists, a smile can deceive representatives fair sex. When a man smiles at a woman, she needs to be on your guard: perhaps a representative of the opposite sex is way trying to subordinate it to their will, scientists warn. In the course of three experiments, psychologists from the University of Granada studied how a man’s smile influenced the perception of his person woman and her response. As a result, it was found that, when a man gave directions, smiling representatives the beautiful half implicitly carried them out. This method worked even if subsequently the man allowed himself sexist comments. Experts have explained such humility women in that they perceive a smile as human warmth. Scientists believe that the beautiful half of humanity is more degree relies on body language and a smile can deceive her. “Even if there is a dissonance between words and body language, women will respond to the latter. If they see a smile, it’s only simplifies the situation, “Daily Mail quoted expert Patti Wood as saying. She advised women who do not want them manipulated, first of all, to pay attention to non-verbal message. In addition, Wood warned against reciprocal smiles and eye contact.


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