Weird creature photographed

Photographed by a strange creaturePhotos from open sources of

The photo below was taken at the end of the past. years by a user of a popular social news site “Reddit”.

According to the author of the picture, he left at night from his house, in who recently moved, and took some photos from the outside with just a couple of seconds apart. One of the images unexpectedly a mysterious creature appeared standing on the ground in the back limbs. You can clearly see the head, face, body, paws and tail of strange creation.

It does not look like any animal like a cat or a raccoon. It seems that this is a kind of mythical beast.

The photographer says that night was incredibly large and the bright moon, so he went outside to take a picture. The man made about a dozen shots, after which he returned safely home. Only the next day he discovered on one of the received photo given creature.

Reddit regulars put forward various theories regarding the one who is captured in a mysterious photograph.

Some commentators think this is some kind of wild animal, wandered into the suburbs. Others suggest that the photo shows unknown beast to science. Still others say that we are talking about a ghost, an evil spirit, or even a mysterious gnome. Last love walking around on such moonlit nights and often fall into the lenses modern digital devices …

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