Were they human

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In 1927, a young African American turned to Dr. Woodman by the name of Underwood. The patient complained not about physical malaise, but on his fire hazard breathing. In evidence Underwood took a handkerchief from his pocket, pressed it to his mouth and began breathe faster. After a few seconds, the scarf began to smolder, and then flared up. Underwood really wanted to get rid of such an unusual ability, which brought him a lot of inconvenience. Young a person had to constantly control his breathing, and even refuse to visit certain places, so as not to cause there fire. This case is unique in that the “fire-breathing underwood” agreed to a full medical examination. A few days a group of scientists studied such an unusual phenomenon and its “carrier”, so that the possibility of mystification is absolutely excluded. Underwood rinsed mouth with all kinds of solutions, put on gloves – the result was everything same. At the request of scientists, Underwood ignited objects, possessing various physical and chemical properties, experiments carried out at different times of the day, at different times of the day, and even under rain. Once Underwood in the forest raked in an armful of dry leaves and lit a fire with his breath. Results of their observations research team outlined in the medical journal “Michigan Medical. “The report took several pages, but the most important – there was no explanation for the unusual phenomenon. See the earlobe smell the chin of Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909) had a world fame as a neurologist and psychiatrist. His scientific authority is not questioned by contemporaries. In his book he left description of a strange patient. The 14-year-old girl suddenly became blind. Her eyes were dead. It turned out completely by accident, since the ability to “see” the girl has not lost. She accurately described objects surrounding her people and even read. During the survey it turned out that she “sees” with the lobe of her left ear. When on the left side the light flashed sharply, she began to blink and squint, and if the ear covered with a dark blindfold, the girl really “went blind.” The girl’s olfactory organ also moved. Held to her nose a bottle of ammonia had no effect on her, but it was worth lowering it lower to the chin, and the girl began rapidly to react. Of course, the unusual patient did not appear on the ear third eye, and another hole in the nose did not appear. Apparently in addition to the well-known science of sight, smell and touch, one channel for receiving information. People with such a gift “see” what is happening in the next room and feel the pain of loved ones relatives, even when they are thousands of kilometers from them. But the girl, who did not know all these subtleties, used friends the terms “see,” “smell,” though neither with sight nor with her gift of smell had nothing in common. Subsequently, as described Dr. Lombroso, who didn’t lose touch with his patient, “organ sense of smell “the girl has moved in the leg. Described cases confirm the hackneyed truth that human capabilities organisms are far from studied. It is very possible that in the future each person will have the same abilities that were black american and young italian. There is only one “but”: a are you sure they were PEOPLE?


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