What are the records for?

What are records for?A photo from open sources

The American, a resident of Tezas, Mark Jordan managed to establish a new the record for pulling up on the crossbar – 4321 times per day.

At the same time, we note that the man is already fifty-four years old, that is, he is far from a youth. In an interview with reporters, Mark admitted that he really wanted to prove that it’s not too late to engage in your body never. And he proved it. The main thing, the record holder noted, is to have great intention and will to win.

Mark Jordan’s record for pulling up on the bar is listed in Guinness Book of Records. According to experts, even young a sports person cannot do it, but here, in general, in general rare and unique case. It seems that the record is strong-willed Americans will not be beaten yet.

However, his example can serve many older people. a good impetus for changing their ideas about the possibilities of our body and spirit. Maybe that’s why they’re installing records! I wonder why they set a record for collecting cube rubik?

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