What does dragon amulet mean

The dragon is a symbol of good luck, safety and longevity. In Eastern culture, this is the power of heaven, which brings good, and in Western countries, it is the power of destruction. As a symbol, it is distinguished by the most powerful energy that can bring not only positive, but also negative.

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Amulet meaning

In eastern myths, the Dragon has four elements at its disposal: earth, fire, air, water. This character represents the highest spiritual force, something supernatural that grants a wish and has tremendous power. In the east, it is believed that it was from these mythical creatures that the first emperors went.

There are the following types of these creatures:

  • heavenly – it is believed that on his back is the dwelling of the gods;
  • divine – brings rain and wind;
  • underground – protects wealth;
  • earthly – controls the waters.

There are different interpretations of what the dragon talisman means in different cultures. So in the West, the dragon symbol personifies:

  • strength;
  • symbol of destruction and wars;
  • wisdom and longevity;
  • to defeat the dragon is the resolution of internal conflicts, the acquisition of knowledge and wealth;
  • fighting this monster was a sign of overcoming difficulties.

In oriental culture:

  • symbol of power;
  • knowledge and wisdom;
  • the power of space.

In Christianity, there is a multi-headed serpent, which is associated with the devil, sin and death. It is a vicious creature with an unpleasant appearance: webbed wings, a scaly body. He is believed to be the offspring of the Devil and symbolizes the tempter. The victory over this creature was the personification of the victory over evil.

Dragon symbol

Amulet of dragons combines two opposite principles – flying and crawling, this creature has a dual nature. As a symbol, he unites the heavenly and the earthly.

A person who chooses such a talisman for himself prefers a harmonious connection between the divine and the base. He has sufficient knowledge and wisdom that will help him gain power over himself and the world around him.

Expert opinion Svetlana Kravchenko Esoteric According to feng shui, it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, such an amulet is necessary to maintain a connection with finances, to enhance monetary energy. Those who strive for material well-being must necessarily have an image in any form.

This Japanese symbol is more suitable for men, it sets them up to gain new knowledge, develop wisdom, and achieve social success. If a woman chooses a dragon amulet, she will be reliable protection and patronage.

The dragon amulet also has the following meaning: cunning, the ability to 'speak teeth', act judiciously and patiently.

Dragon talisman

If we consider amulets, then such a talisman is suitable for people with good vital energy, high self-esteem, who strive for self-improvement. Such people are not afraid of competition and battles, they have different ways to overcome them.

It is quite difficult and sometimes dangerous to interact with the energy of the dragon, because it can subjugate a person. In order for the talisman to help and become a friend, it is important to defeat this monster within yourself, or rather that snake part of it.

Having resisted the temptations of life and pursuing a specific goal, you can get the support of this talisman. It is worth noting that such a totem is chosen only by strong-minded people who have magical abilities and are spiritually developed.

This amulet is able to positively affect financial well-being. If a person continues to accumulate and preserve, and not to develop thanks to these opportunities, this power will not be able to be fully realized.

For a person who has chosen a dragon as his sign, the desire for wealth alone is not enough. This is the prerogative of the earth dragon, which does not use resources to the maximum to protect the cave. It is important to understand here that it is necessary to set higher goals in life, only then this energy will help to reach heights.

Eye of the Dragon

The dragon is a creature with good eyesight. The dragon eye amulet is a rather mysterious and old symbol that has different meanings depending on the culture. So, in the east he was always depicted in red, because this creature means a demon.

It is a symbol of danger, threat and the need for an unequal choice between good and evil. In Asia, this symbol is very popular and carries positive energy, wisdom, goodness.

Dragon eye amulet

If a person chooses such a talisman, this can give him additional energy to see important points, think faster and perceive the environment. Such a talisman can increase security and speed up the decision-making process.

Mascot placement rules

If you have chosen this fictional creature as your personal amulet, it is very important to place it correctly in the house, because it can suppress negativity or, on the contrary, bring it.

In Feng Shui, you need to adhere to these rules:

  1. You need to place the dragon figure in the eastern part of the house, or direct the gaze of the statuette towards the east.
  2. It is better to put this talisman near the front door on the left, so it will not let evil spirits on the threshold.
  3. Locate in a place where air flows freely.
  4. Since this symbol has tremendous energy, it is better to place it in a living room or study.
  5. It is not recommended to have many such talismans in an apartment, their strong energy will be suppressed.
  6. It is better to place the totem below eye level so that the energy does not dominate.

When choosing this amulet, it is worth remembering that it has a beneficial effect on the energy of people, contributes to spiritual and material development. This talisman will help maintain strength and find a balance between the material and spiritual world.

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