What does the owl mascot mean?

People believed that sorcerers and witches become owls when they fly to the underworld. The owl mascot can be seen on store shelves and in many residential and office spaces.

owl mascot

The meaning of the talisman

Owl mascot means:

  1. For healers, the feathered one has become a symbol of wisdom, knowledge of parallel worlds, the gift of prophecy.
  2. The figurine located above the entrance to the dwelling brings good luck to its inhabitants, protects from the dark forces. And it also preserves prosperity, because in nature predators always create reserves for themselves and do not starve.
  3. For students of different ages, an amulet with a night bird is suitable. Flat can be used as a bookmark in textbooks. The pendant can be worn around the neck, attached to a USB flash drive or pen. Learning material will be better assimilated. It is better to put the statuette on the workplace of a schoolchild or student. Then interest in sciences will increase, zeal for their comprehension.
  4. You can improve the observation and memory of preschoolers if you put the wooden owl under the pillow at night, and put it in the child's play area during the day.
  5. For esotericists, the owl talisman personifies insight, spirituality, and concentration.
  6. Hanging the owl mascot near a crib or in a stroller will protect a newborn from evil eyes and envious people. The main thing is that a curious child should not be able to rip off the figure and inadvertently swallow it.
  7. When an individual has a black streak in his life, the owl amulet is simply necessary. A wise and perspicacious owl will be able to indicate the best way out of the most difficult situation.
  8. An owl sitting on a money tree will definitely help improve the financial situation of its owner.
  9. And the image of an adult bird with a chick should be purchased by women planning a pregnancy. The amulet will help to bear the child and give birth to him safely.

The purpose of the owl amulet changes depending on the material from which it is made.

  • The carnelian figurine will help budding businessmen. The amulet will tell you how to quickly deploy a business and start making money.
  • Wooden – for people who want to improve themselves. The owl will need to be constantly carried with you.
  • Ceramic white should be placed in the bedroom of a married couple. The bird will improve sexual relationships, revive passionate love.
  • Crystal must be purchased by girls. The feathered one will lead its owner exactly where destiny is destined. Ladies who dream of marriage will soon meet their soul mate. And careerists will be able to quickly climb the career ladder.
  • The large feathered eyes act like a mirror. They are able to reflect from the owner all the negative energy of ill-wishers. Therefore, it is better to acquire a talisman where the owl's eyes are wide open. And even better if they are made from synthetic or natural crystals.

owl mascot meaning

The meaning of the symbol in different cultures

In different countries, the meaning attached to the owl as a symbol is also different.

  • In Ukraine, the bride was always given a small metal owl for her wedding so that the girl would retain wisdom in family relationships. And the love of the young was as strong as metal. IN
  • It was believed in Belarus that if a night bird flies in and sits near the patient's house, then the person will not survive. And the owl will take his soul and carry him to the other world.
  • The Russian people believed that the arrival of a predator in the yard of an unmarried girl meant her lonely life without a spouse.
  • In the Tungus tribes, the owl is still revered as a protector from all troubles. Kalmyks believe in such a sign. If you see a bird during the mating season, then success will accompany a person all year.
  • Many people living in the north prefer to wear a talisman – a real owl's claw. It is believed that he will save you from evil spells and witchcraft.

Who is suitable for the amulet

As a magical assistant, the owl talisman is suitable for almost any person, regardless of age and gender.

Who suits How will help
To kid Actively explore the world around you
Teenager Study hard
For student Take sessions without 'tails'
To a young girl Choose the right path in life
To a married lady Strengthen family ties
Young man Start your own business
Man Strengthen your financial position

The owl amulet helps its owner if a person believes that a magical attribute will definitely fulfill its purpose.

How to wear an amulet correctly

The talisman must not only be acquired, but also properly interact with it.

  • Talk about your problems and desires. Then the owl will know how to help the person.
  • Wear a charm around the neck so that others do not see it and do not ask unnecessary questions.
  • An amulet, which is in the service of its owner, in no case can not only be given, but even given into the hands of other people. Otherwise, the bird will be offended and will not help.

About once a month, the magic assistant must be recharged in one of the following ways:

  1. Keep in the sun all day or all night in the light of the month.
  2. Leave for several minutes under running cold running water.
  3. Put in holy water for several hours.
  4. Cover with rock salt for 2-3 hours.
  5. Take out in frost for a day.

Only compliance with these rules will allow the amulet to serve its master for many years.

The owl as a talisman is of great importance in the life of modern people. Like many centuries ago, it has a huge impact on the fate of the owner.

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