What dreams people with high intelligence scientists said

What dreams people with high intelligence, scientists saidA photo from open sources

Scientists have discovered that the dreams a person sees are directly depend on his level of intelligence. Researchers said that see people with high intelligence.

US scientists conducted a study with 2,000 volunteers, before the beginning of which evaluated the level of intelligence of each participant. Then a detailed survey was held regarding their dreams.

It turned out that some simply could not remember their dreams. Others claimed that they had no dreams at all. Just a little a group of people could tell in detail what they dreamed, moreover, which is very important, they always dream.

As a result of the analysis of the data, scientists decided that bright, colorful dreams are seen only by clever people. Besides, the last small group of volunteers showed the highest Intelligent Testing Result. Moreover, the higher IQ indicator, the more colorful were their dreams.

Experts explained this by the fact that the brain is highly intellectual people works with the same productivity both day and night – in a dream.

Is it worth it to rely on these findings of scientists, decide for yourself. Besides of this, there is a wonderful expression: there are no stupid people, just there those who do not wish to express their mind. Therefore, not everything can be measured in “dreams”.

Andrey Vetrov

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