What happened to the mysteriously disappeared Brazilian ufologist?

What happened to the mysteriously disappeared Brazilian ufologist?A photo from open sources

Not so long ago, we wrote about a 24-year-old Brazilian conspiracy theorist and ufologist Bruno Borges, who on March 27 inexplicably disappeared from a parental home in Rio Branco, Acre.

Before that, the student had been working on a mysterious project for almost a month, which was intended to shed light on a major world conspiracy, relating to aliens and illuminati and also to change lives humanity for the better. So the young man himself claimed dedicated to this mysterious research.

In the course of this work, the Brazilian completely remade his bedroom: he painted walls with mysterious inscriptions and symbols, removed from premises all the furniture, hung several self-portraits with aliens. In addition, Borges left 14 manuscripts in the room. incomprehensible content.

A photo from open sources

However, the main mystery for law enforcement and relatives of a conspirator became a tall statue of Italian philosopher and poet Giordano Bruno. How did she end up in the room, why was needed by the ufologist and why was put on an alchemical symbol transformation, no one knows. The price of the product is 2500 dollars, and none of the missing relatives has a clue where a student could take that kind of money.

For a month of searching compatriots Bruno put forward a lot theories regarding the cause of the disappearance of men. Some people think that Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization abducted Borges. Other sure that the Illuminati did it. Still others blame government intelligence agencies. Fourth generally suggest that the researcher was walled up in a statue. There is an opinion that a psychology student was helped by his accomplices in his escape, however, all his acquaintances refused to give the police any testimony.

Disappeared without a trace

Allegedly, Bruno embarked on his disappearance project. in the beginning of March. Brazilian locked himself in his bedroom and at least 20 days he painted walls. The statue of a philosopher burnt at the stake, he received March 17, having previously bought it via the Internet. March 27th Borges waited for his parents who arrived from the trip, dined with he took his backpack and just left the house, leaving in an unknown direction.

Student disappearance led by Fabrice Sobreira. According to the officer, the police managed to partially recreate this escape. An hour after the departure of the conspirator from his parents seen coming out of a taxi near a local hotel. Nonetheless, hotel staff reported that the man did not stay with them.

A few days later, a ufologist visited a tailor at the other end cities and ordered him to manufacture three raincoats, providing master drawings of clothing. The tailor felt that the raincoats looked like religious wraps, and asked the client if the church they are needed. “Almost,” Bruno replied.

Law Enforcement Officers Consider Borges Could leave your native Rio Branca or even a country. It is noted that after of how many Internet portals wrote about the disappearance of men and foreign media, reports of his finding came from Chile and Peru. However, no evidence that it really was the wanted Brazilian Bruno was not provided.

On April 18, the student was put on the international wanted list, and to his Interpol is connected to searches.

Conspiracy therapists

As already established, in the mysterious studies of Bruno a whole team of his colleagues participated. They painted the bedroom together Borges, when his father and mother went on a monthly basis journey. The accomplices helped the man to encrypt his manuscripts and, among other things, they sponsored the work of an enthusiast. So, Ufologist’s cousin invested more than 6,300 American dollars. Now it’s clear where the missing person had funds for acquisitions of an expensive statue.

The police quickly spotted the fugitive’s assistants, however the whole the team, as it turned out, entered into a non-disclosure pact. Brazilians agreed to keep the true purpose of the conspiracy therapist secret and do not give anyone, even law enforcement agencies, his location. There are no threats to this group. police, and in the end all its members will probably be expected criminal penalties for refusing to facilitate an investigation.

A photo from open sources

One of Borges’s comrades only told law enforcers that Ufologist’s room was painted by them for 24 days, and enthusiasts for a long time worked without rest, sleep and food, trying to use each square centimeter of walls and considering that they are about to Bruno’s parents come back.

At the moment, law enforcement officers are working on several versions of what happened. They decided to pay close attention. encrypted texts on the walls and in manuscripts. Possibly a fugitive described there a plan of his disappearance. In the bedroom of a young man several clues were found – the so-called “keys”, theoretically allowing to decrypt coded inscriptions. Gabriela – the sister of the missing – has already translated a small part of the text, however, this has not yet given any tips. To understand the compiled Bruno and his companions texts, it is necessary to translate five ciphers, and This is a very difficult task. The police decided to publish these materials on the Internet, and more than 20 thousand people are already working on decryption Borges tests.

A photo from open sources

Where did Bruno Borges disappear?

Officer Fabrizio Sobreira believes that an enthusiast could specifically organize such an “entertaining” game with its disappearance and encrypted texts to gain world fame. it he seems to have succeeded, however, for similar jokes with police face serious punishment because wanted person must notify authorities of where he is.

Sculptor Jorge Rivasplata, who created the sensational statue of Giordano Bruno for a conspiracy theorist made an interesting assumption. According to artist, Borges is the reincarnation of a famous Italian, and the point here is not only that the name of the ufologist is identical to the last name medieval philosopher. Disappeared surprisingly reminds his the appearance of the once brutally executed thinker, and this resemblance users of the World Wide Web immediately noticed. “Most will it’s hard to believe, but I know what I’m talking about, since a long time ago familiar with him. He is reborn in the new body of Giordano Bruno, and his books are the unfinished works of the Italian, and in the new interpretation of the modern moment, “- says the sculptor.

A photo from open sources

It has been suggested that Borges belongs to a certain religious ufological cult. Such sects are relatively rare, however, from time to time arise in many countries of the world. Them followers tend to believe that for the foreseeable future on An alien ship will fly to the earth, which will take them to a distant a planet where representatives of extraterrestrial civilization will give everyone those who believe in them and Higher powers – immortality and eternal happiness.

Healer Jose Medeiros, who founded several spiritual centers, claims that he also knew Bruno. According to healer, the student can come into contact with parallel worlds, in including the subtle world of the dead.

Over the past month, conspiracy theorist Bruno Borges managed to become a real world sensation. Computer developers even created several video games dedicated to the disappearance of this unique. More Moreover, a smartphone application was born that allows everyone interested web users to combine their efforts for searches of this medium and the decoding of its mysterious texts. And true mediums mysteriously hint that Bruno is now “far away”, where it’s unlikely that the power structures of not only Brazil will get it, but of the whole world …

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