What is hyperrealism and how is Stefan Pabst creates his 3D paintings

What is hyperrealism and how Stefan Pabst creates his 3D paintingsA photo from open sources

Stefan Pabst – a true virtuoso working in the art direction called hyperrealism. Drawing his paintings, Stephen takes advantage of the three-dimensional effect, creating uniquely realistic 3D Images.

Most recently, the artist posted on Youtube a video that managed to already collect more than 500 thousand views. In a two-minute clip, Pabst demonstrates to the audience his artistic prowess, creating them in front of one of his masterpieces – a painted glass that can hardly be distinguished from the present. Stefan succeeded in short video show exactly how unique hyperrealistic paintings, as well as introduce viewers to the technique dry brush. In fact, to draw this “volumetric” glasses with acrylic, oil and mascara Stefan took at least three hours.

Where is Surikov with his realistic painted little fly to a talented German who comprehended all the subtleties of this complex directions in art – hyperrealism. I guess if you came to visit Pabst, you would not doubt for a second that on the artist’s table is the most ordinary glass cup, and, maybe they would even try to pick it up in surprise finding that you have a drawing. Who is this creator unique 3D paintings?

The future hyperrealist was born in Russia and, as a young man, was forced to move with his family to Germany. To create Stefan’s realistic drawings inspired by the Bible, which struck imagination of a child with skillfully executed images. First Pabst’s professional work is a portrait of a friend who pushed Stefan, drawing from the age of five, to seriously engage painting. He began to spread his paintings on the Internet and received first orders from those interested in his work buyers.

Stefan Pabst draws so well that some of his works given as examples in american student textbooks colleges. The paintings of a contemporary artist amaze painters different art schools and directions with its realism and workmanship.

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