What is Jerusalem Syndrome and who most susceptible to him

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Some places on our planet can drive a person crazy. Let’s try to figure out why, and whether each person, getting here, can move with reason.

For example, even modern Paris causes some psychosis, this is especially true for the Japanese, who are too impressionable, and because of what they see, they often fall into a deep depression, panic, often even hysteria happens to them. The fact is that modern the capital of France is striking in its inconsistency with what about it written and filmed in its entire history. Paris is dirty today the city of immigrants, and even its diamonds such as the Louvre, Versailles, Eiffel Tower, the famous casino “Moulin Rouge”, do not save position.

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Jerusalem has a completely different effect on guests, which makes among psychologists, even a concept such as “Jerusalem syndrome. “What is it? It turns out some zealous Christians coming here literally begin to feel the presence of God, who most often points them to their sacred mission. What happens next is probably clear to everyone.

To illustrate, we give one of the most striking example. So in November 29, the 29-year-old Irish Oliver arrived in Jerusalem McAfee, fascinated by the way, cycling. He originally planned just ride your Israel National bike on your bike the tract. But soon the young man ceased to get in touch with relatives, why they turned to the police. Guardians of Israel soon found a bike and some personal things of the Irish, for example, a laptop and even a wallet with money, but later they found in the Negev desert and something more amazing – a makeshift church, in which were scattered pages from the bible. The police realized that Briton suffered from “Israeli syndrome”, and therefore right there connected to the search for the missing psychologists …

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Note that the crazy 29-year-old gardener was just exemplary Christian however at home in the city of North Dromor He didn’t show Ireland, according to relatives and friends, no signs of a mental breakdown motivated by faith. And so you on …

Another young tourist who came to Jerusalem suddenly imagined biblical Samson himself, especially since he was physically strong by man. So he tried with his bare hands to destroy the Wailing Wall. Some Christians, falling into this “god-chosen city”, start to pray furiously, cut their hair, put on themselves something white from clothes (most often using sheets for this hotel room), go out and sing loudly psalms or shouting sermons. And such insanity can happen, regardless of the gender, age and social status of a person.

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Psychologists say that the “Jerusalem syndrome” is most often affects people with unstable psyche, and the main treatment in this case – as soon as possible to take away the patient from Israel, it is best home. As a rule, signs of illness (insanity) in this case pass quickly.

By the way, we only note that the Japanese, who received a shock blow from seen in Paris, come to life much longer. And therefore in Japan’s travel agencies even have a psychologist’s service, which prepares tourists before visiting the capital of France. True, this does not help all Japanese, and therefore the Embassy of the Country the rising sun has set even in Paris for its fellow citizens a hotline, thanks to which every citizen of Japan, in in case of panic, you can seek help.

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