What is pyrokinesis and how not to burn, as if match

What is pyrokinesis and how not to burn like a matchPhotos from open sources

In the last decade, the number of spontaneous fires – cases of so-called pyrokinesis – in the whole world has increased by two with half times. People flare up for no reason like matches and burn out overnight, although all the objects and clothing surrounding them incredibly unscathed. What would seem to be with there simply cannot be a point of view of modern science, it turns out not so delirious. There are many hypotheses in the scientific world, trying to decipher a mysterious phenomenon. Clothes at the same time not injured About ten years ago a man burned down in Tomsk According to eyewitnesses, before sitting peacefully on a wooden bench and drinking vodka from a bottle. Arrived ambulance and police suggested that there was too much alcohol in the victim’s body. Well, they say, he broke out from a certain “extraneous source.” However, no extraneous source – cans or cans of gasoline – was not found near. The victim caught fire completely unexpectedly, while a wooden bench fire is not touched. A particularly intense fire exited from the chest and abdomen. “Live Fireworks” lasted 5-6 minutes. It was not possible to save the man. In the village of Skadovo, Kherson region under mysterious circumstances the watchman of one of the local households died. His charred corpse was found in the morning. Clothing was not affected. It could be assumed that the old man was stripped naked, burned, and then dressed again. But found witnesses who saw him running in the same clothes in the village, gripped by a pillar of flame, and screamed heart-rendingly. And then his neighbor recalled that the watchman had “fits” from a young age: skin red-hot glowed, as if burned, and then walked all over the body blisters. In Moscow in November 1998, burned down in his apartment taxi driver. A taxi driver died at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute burns more than 80 percent of the body. But the furniture, the walls and even the plywood chair on which he sat during the fire did not have suffered. In the same year, on the operating table of the hospital Los Angeles, breaking out, burned 26-year-old Emilia Hernavdes. To the girl did an ordinary operation to remove the appendix. Doctors are nothing managed to do. The list of such cases can be continued. what is pyrokinesis? – Pyrokinesis – one of the most mysterious phenomena in human history, – says the candidate of technical Sciences Lydia Kozhina. – This was written by philosophers of ancient Greece, monks in the Middle Ages. Excavations in Thebes Found Papyrus Containing descriptions of the priest’s transformation into a fiery torch ascending into heaven. “Well-known writer Charles Dickens wrote on this subject. massive work “On spontaneous combustion of the human body”, which in 1851 published the famous chemist von Liebig. In the former USSR �the ability to cause pyrokinesis had a well-known psychic Ninel Kulagina. From the “power of sight” of this amazing woman lighted handkerchiefs, newspapers, wallpaper on the wall. And exactly the same she could stop the fire. She died of a brain tumor. On this physicians and wrote off the astounding ability of a psychic. However, no one could give a convincing explanation of the phenomenon. then, not now. However, a variety of hypotheses has accumulated abound. French scientist Pierre Massias, Doctor of Physics, claims that in all the cases in question, the temperature burning reaches two thousand degrees! Meanwhile, in order to completely burned down, for example, an armored car, 700 is enough degrees Celcius. With pyrokinesis, energy comparable to the work of a large power plant. Where does this energy come from? What makes a person burn alive? English chemist John Ronwald of Boston University announced that pyrokinesis – a consequence of the fact that the chemicals in our body elements in contact with each other or with air can light up, then the resulting pure phosphorus reacts with oxygen and explodes. Another explanation is the “candle effect”: they say that people who have burns of the 2nd or 3rd degree experience shock and lose their feelings, and while they are unconscious, fats begin smolder slowly. Gradually, “oil is added to the fire,” and the body flashes up. Not without reason, they say, the victims of pyrokinesis most often turned out to be full people. Famous Russian astrophysicist professor Nikolai Kozyrev came to other conclusions: – As you know, human the body in its composition is not a combustible material. It is two one third consists of water and non-combustible fabrics. To burn him special conditions are needed – temperatures over a thousand degrees and long time measured in hours. Even a direct lightning strike not able to completely burn a person. Combustion is Chemical oxidation reaction, and oxidative reactions in our body differ from the flames of the fire only in slow motion. What if Does this pace change spontaneously? The scientist himself answers his own question and answers: – With the rapid rotation of the medical centrifuge, the workers Cosmonaut training center has been repeatedly noted by strange chronic changes: malfunctioning hours, slowing down physiological reactions organism. During prolonged rotation, the subject is as if separated from his body and begins to see himself from the side. It was believed that this was only a consequence of the emotional and physical loads. But it is possible that everything is completely wrong. Rotating masses, like a swirling electromagnetic field, can really influence the course of time. And this effect may well manifest not only in laboratory, but also in natural conditions. Chronic disturbances occur in the so-called anomalous zones – where there are bends of river beds, underground streams, faults. Human reactor And this often leads to amazing phenomena. Famous Russian Academician V. Kaznacheev, Director Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine RAMS, suggests that in the cells of our body pass certain unknown energy processes of equal power cold fusion. Major surgeon Professor Gennady Petrakovich conducted a series of unique experiments and came to the conclusion: at the core cellular energy are thermonuclear reactions, and the cell itself – this is a real nuclear reactor. It’s no secret our body is capable of create the chemical elements he needs. And so when this the mechanism fails, the “cell reactor”, in the language of physicists, “peddling,” and an uncontrolled nuclear reaction begins. If it becomes chain, it is accompanied by a tremendous surge energy that can burn, turn into ashes cells of tissues and bones of our body. The cause of such failures may be geomagnetic Earth disturbances. At the American National Institute of Meteorology and oceanography transmitted all the information about changing magnetic fields. So, it turned out that spontaneous combustion of people very often in time coincide with a sharp increase in intensity geomagnetic field of the planet. Unfortunately, with the phenomenon, the reason which is still unclear, it is impossible to fight. It remains to console myself the fact that the probability of spontaneous combustion for each of us according to statistics less than one thousandth of a percent. Which is much less than, for example, the risk of direct lightning strikes.

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