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Every year, humanity takes a few small steps the endless road of knowing the world. Compass to choose the right direction is knowledge of the objective laws of nature. However, there are places on Earth where the inviolability of the laws of physics and other natural sciences are in great doubt. One such locations – Mexico Silent Zone, located 400 miles south from the bordering American city of El Paso. First abnormality this place was revealed in 1930 by the mexican pilot Francisco Sarabia. During a flight over the valley on his plane out of order walkie talkie, navigation devices showed data that did not correspond visual observation. Upon exit from the anomalous zone the performance of the equipment was restored. About what happened pilot filed a report. Airbase technicians checked the instruments, tested, but found no malfunctions. Photos from open sources

The second bell rang in 1964. Engineer Harry de la Peña conducted geophysical exploration in those parts. In the area of ​​the hill San Ignacio he was left unconnected. No matter how Harry twisted the knob tuning his radio station – the air answered him with dead silence. But as soon as the engineer left the valley, the walkie-talkie came to life. Intrigued the engineer once again visited an interesting place and made sure that the walkie-talkie silent only within a certain zone with a diameter of 50 km, he called the “Zone of Silence.” Harry managed to attract public attention and individual enthusiastic researchers, but nothing more. In the 70s with American White Sands training ground in New Mexico was launched Athena experimental ballistic missile. Rising from launch pad, the rocket changed course and went in the direction a mysterious zone in the center of which fell and exploded. Soon the same thing happened with the upper part of the Saturn ship. The Americans interested: why is it so attractive to a rocket small piece of mexican territory? Having received the consent of Mexico City, USA sent a group of technical specialists to the valley. Instead of an answer, the group brought a bunch of new questions. Photos from open sources

It turned out that in the valley radio communication is absolutely impossible constantly stop, and the compass needle instead of the north shows all four cardinal points. The fauna and flora of the Zone of silence has a varying degree of mutation, the level of radiation is elevated, although and within the permissible, in the presence of magnetic anomalies, UV radiation is 30% higher than in other, hotter points of the planet. As for the “gifts from heaven”, it’s here quite a common occurrence, the valley literally attracts meteorites, in therefore, they prefer not to settle in the valley. In the 19th century, several farmers tried to grow corn in the valley, but constantly stones falling from the sky to fields and houses put an end to their attempts. UFO sightings in the form of flying rings of fire in the Zone of silence so frequent that the inhabitants of the nearby village of Ceballos do not even consider it necessary to share this with each other. As for local legends about UFO landings and encounters with aliens – so theirs is a carriage and a small cart. The police left several times to the landing site. In addition to a scorched piece of land were recorded increased level of radiation, experts took soil samples from traces of either fuel or fuel. In the late 70s in the center of the anomaly by the decision of the Mexican government, a scientific station. Officially, her goal is to study unusual forms of plant and animal life of the Zone of silence. In reality, the tasks Scientists working at the station are probably much wider. Enough slide your finger on the map and make sure that the Egyptian pyramids, Bermuda Triangle, Buddhist monasteries in Tibet and the place where Atlantis once existed, lie in parallel with the Zone silence is hardly an accident.

Bermuda Triangle Pyramid Rocket

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