What is the evil eye?

What is the evil eye?Photo from open sources

We are all familiar with the concept of “black eye”, “eye bad “, suggestive damage, etc. The concept of the evil eye is available as in the inhabitants civilized countries, and among representatives of semi-wild tribes virtually all over the world.

The ancients believed that the eyes are a window and the human soul enters through it into the body, and also leaves it. They also believed that in the same way people are able to exchange among themselves “spirits” (demons) that live in man himself and are like good and evil. The Bible fully confirms this.


In the animal world, the “magical sight” is well known. In this not once a French scientist Levollan was convinced when traveled through the indian jungle. Once a scientist almost fell prey to that look.

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Levollan was hunting in a swamp, when he suddenly felt an unusual shiver. At the same time, he felt himself against his will urgently drawn to the place where he was not going to go at all. Approaching this place, Levollan saw three meters from himself. a huge snake that was inseparably looking at a person. Large effort cost a semi-paralyzed natural scientist to raise his shotgun and discharge it into a “hypnotist.” After this snake enchantment scattered.


For some people, the gaze also has unusual properties. Here is a case that recently occurred in a school in Bishkek. In during a drawing lesson, a boy grabbed a jar of gouache from a neighbor school desk. In response, Vika only gazed steadily at the naughty’s hand – and he screamed to drop the paint. The teacher ran up and saw that on the child’s wrist swells like a burn. To the question: “How did she burn you?” – the boy cried answered: “Through the eyes!”

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The famous Russian trainer V Durov in his work attached crucial to the power of gaze. In particular the look that sent to the animal in the eye or, as Vladimir Leonidovich said, somewhere deeper into the brain itself.


The sad cases when people died from the evil look of others. For example, a story that happened in The 80s of the last century in India, which I managed to tell about on the eve of his strange death, one high-ranking official.

… While hunting in the company of his friends, he killed an elephant and only then I remembered that I didn’t bring a special knife with me, designed to carve elephant fangs. Leaving the servants guard the prey, the British went for the knife to the nearest of plantations.

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Returning after a couple of hours, the hunters saw a strange picture: frightened servants were hiding in the bushes, while several small dirty savages carved precious tusks from a trophy. The indignant owner told the dwarfs to clean, but they only laughed in response. The servants flatly refused to drive away the savages, explaining that these people are mullah kurumbas and touching them is tantamount to suicide.

Then a furious man, tall and strong, grabbed his hair leader of the karumbov and, having thrown to the ground, hit several times with a whip. The savage jumped up quickly, but did not run away, and instead stared intently into the eyes of the offender, why the latter even felt nausea However, she did not stop the Englishman from laughing at his scared servants to death.

… However, the next day this arrogant gentleman felt ill, and nine days later he died, and the doctors did not find him any disease.


As studies have shown, the look of a person, as well as any another living being, accompanied by the radiation of torsion energy, which has the appearance of a thin beam. The diameter of this beam is approximately equal the diameter of the pencil. Using the dowsing method, this radiation can be fixed up to ten meters from the eyes.

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Some people have an increased or even very powerful energetic look. Such an individual, intentionally or involuntarily, may negatively affect a weakened energy field another, distorting it.

To neutralize such harmful effects today can only individual healers using centuries-old folk experience.


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