What is the secret of the amazing “magnetic” hill in Canada?

What is the secret of the amazingA photo from open sources In the video below you can watch interesting phenomenon: a car with the engine turned off reverses to the hillock.

Such an “abnormal” place is located in New Brunswick in Canada. The hill is a local attraction which is visited annually by thousands of tourists make sure the amazing properties of the hill. If you park the car at the foot and set the gear to neutral, the car will start without outside help roll uphill.

Many people perceive this phenomenon as evidence. incredibly powerful magnetic field forcing transport climb a hill on your own at a speed of about thirty kilometers and an hour. However, in fact, magnetism has nothing to do with it. It is a skillful optical illusion that deceives the human brain and making him believe in the impossible. To see how she is works, see the following video.

Thus, the observer looks at the car rolling down the hill from the angle that makes him think like a car climbs up, but in reality it goes, as it should be down, from high point to sea level. Unfortunately turn the hill like the illusionary construction in the second video is impossible, however it’s extremely simple to confirm the hypothesis look in which direction the wheels of the hill are moving a car.

In China, there is also one noteworthy place where water flows up the hill.

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