What is time and how does it play with us

What is time and how does it play with usA photo from open sources

We used to think from childhood that time is some kind of incomprehensible to our mind, a constant value. Nonetheless, there is no person who does not notice that sometimes even years literally fly (especially in old age), and sometimes even minutes stretch, like an eternity.

No wonder that in the treatises of ancient philosophers and sages its properties were equated with space, and for this reason, they argued, it cannot be constant, uniform and unchanged.

Today, with the help of satellites, scientists have determined that the time in different points of the universe flows far from the same speed. So, on the moon – six times faster, on Mars – seven times faster, but on the Sun – twenty-seven times slower than on Earth.

In the proposed film “Fuel for the Universe” you can to get acquainted not only with a new outlook on time, but also with some abnormal zones of our planet, say, “Sandovsky triangle “, on the site of which once existed quite advanced civilization. However, at the turn of the eleventh to twelfth centuries, she suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if moved to some another parallel world. These and many others inexplicable with our point of view of the phenomenon, prove that time cannot be considered as a constant movement from the past to the future.


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