What people saw in the “other world”: 4 real stories

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Scientists have long been trying to explain mesmerizing, and sometimes frightening stories of people who survived clinical death. Moreover, their stories are somewhat similar, but substantially are different. We invite you to get acquainted with these stories, and draw your own conclusions – is there life after death?

Afterlife Stories

31-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, while on vacation in Turkey, suddenly felt unwell and fell into a coma. IN for several weeks, doctors fought for the patient’s life. However the body weakened by the disease could not stand it and the woman died. According to the patient, before she died, she felt a cold on heart level. I felt how it began to beat slower, and suddenly experienced a sharp injection, then the heat swept all over her body and it was dark. Further, she did not remember anything.


American neurosurgeon, before this incident, did not believe in afterlife, but everything changed dramatically when he fell into to whom. In the next world, says Eben, he talked with a stranger a girl who literally radiated love.

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She told me that here he has nothing to fear: he is loved, they are very cherish and he just can not do anything wrong. He is there met with translucent entities with which he talked. The feelings from the experience were so real that the man is now I am sure that in the “other world” there is life too.


A resident of Voronezh in 2018 inadvertently cut his hand glass. When the doctors arrived to help, the man lost a lot blood and lost consciousness. He saw his body from the side and the doctors, who tried at that moment to reanimate him. The man felt like he was drawn somewhere along a black pipe at the end which was visible light. Once there, he met his relatives who have long been dead. Moreover, they were not very happy about his arrival in this world, as it happened too soon, and he should go back.


A resident of Dushanbe periodically suffered from insomnia. The man tried to solve the problem with sleeping pills, however ridiculous accident managed to drink it with alcohol. Feeling bad, he fell and lost consciousness. He later recalled how fast rushed to the light, where Jesus met him, who said that he there is no entrance to paradise until it changes for the better. The man radically changed his outlook on life, remembering what he received instruction.

Andrey Vetrov

A life

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