What symbolizes the tree of life among the ancient Slavic people

The tree of life symbol is one of the oldest characters found in various written sources. Representatives of the most ancient civilizations, Slavs and inhabitants of medieval Europe also mentioned the talisman. A rich history allows you to most accurately indicate the meaning of the amulet, the sphere of influence and magical powers.

tree of life symbol

The tree of life in the popular representation

Since ancient times, priests have turned to the help of the Tree of Life in rituals. This symbol patronized doctors, was used by patients in treatment to enhance the effect of medicines. Richly decorated plants were an integral symbol of newlyweds.

It was believed that it symbolizes a happy and prosperous family life.

Pregnant women embroidered a tree on handkerchiefs, as well as diapers for the unborn baby. The symbol was supposed to save the newborn from ailments, evil eye and damage.

In the popular belief, there were 4 subspecies of this magic sign.

  1. The spring option is a tree of life with just emerging foliage and even flowers. It was associated with spring, new life and the search for oneself. Such an amulet is a symbol of worship before the goddess of spring plowing Lada. The symbol had the meaning of the appearance of feelings – love or friendship. Such a gift was often given to each other by married couples, as a symbol of affection. Also, the spring tree was associated with the beginning of history – with the formation of the first Slavic tribes. The roots and trunk meant the wisdom of the ancestors, the branches – the life of modern people, and only the emerging leaves – the descendants and their destinies. Therefore, the amulet was often passed in the family from the older generation to the younger in order to preserve the traditions and knowledge of fathers and great-grandfathers.
  2. Summer option – a tree in its prime. In the paintings, it is often depicted with lightning, since Perun was recognized as the patron of this option. It was believed that it was this God who protected the crops of the peasants, supported them with the help of regular rains, or, on the contrary, drained them for sins. With a prolonged famine, the inhabitants of the settlements decorated their houses, tablecloths and towels with such an amulet in order to win the favor of the almighty patron of lightning. Sailors often took the tree of life with them, believing that the symbol would protect their ship from the storm and the wrath of Perun. If fishermen set off on a long journey, the sign was carved directly on the karma or on the mast.
  3. The autumn subspecies symbolized fertility, so Makosh was the patroness of the tree. Usually, this option was depicted next to a field abundantly sown with wheat or rye. It was said that the mother was growing ears, and the father was a mighty tree. Together, such an image gave people hope for a bright future, happiness and wealth. The old people used to say: if you work well, you will reap a big harvest, Makosh and the Tree of Life will help. Therefore, before leaving for haymaking or sowing, the peasants bowed towards the symbol with requests for a comfortable life.
  4. The winter version was a symbol of longevity, wisdom and reliability among the Slavs. He was associated with Veles, who is the antagonist of Perun, so the Gods are responsible for different seasons. Thanks to this symbol, people tried to remind themselves of the inevitability of certain events in life. In the spring it was important to remember about the imminent winter in order to make every effort to work. In youth, you need to think about old age, so as not to be left behind. During life, one should not forget about death, take care of the state of the soul, and not sin. Everything, the winter tree of life reminded about it.
  5. One of the most popular images was the tree of life in all four versions at the same time. In folk legends, this was the most powerful amulet. It was believed that such a symbol combined the power of each of the seasons and is ready to help the owner. The power of the sign extends to all family members.

For many centuries, the Slavic amulet has managed to fall in love with the common people. All prayers and requirements were fulfilled, and families were content with a good harvest, good health of each of the household. However, if at least one of the patron gods was angry with the family, then the effect of the symbol was incomplete.

Symbol meaning

Many of the Slavs combined the tree of life with other talismans, invoking the help of all four gods. Thanks to this, the effect of all amulets was enhanced at times. The meaning of the symbol also directly depended on what amulets or idols it was connected with.

  • With the hammer of Perun. The owner was endowed with great physical strength, could withstand anyone in battle. Often such a union of amulets was used by men who had to defend their honor in a fist fight or fight enemies on the battlefield. The hammer-strengthened tree of life will help modern businessmen find their own business and achieve success in it.
  • With the shield of Perun. Together with the life tree, they created an invisible protective field around a person. Neither an evil eye, nor gossip, nor corruption could overcome the owner. Negative energy also cannot affect the energy field. Thanks to the protection of higher powers, there is confidence in the future well-being, which is necessary for modern fussy city dwellers.
  • With the seal of Veles. In symbiosis with a tree, the sign will indicate the path of development. The antagonist of Perun will give the owner a chance to prove himself in a particular area. The person will have opportunities for self-realization. In the future, this will positively affect the career growth, status and level of knowledge of the employee.
  • With Lunnitsa. This is a female union of amulets. Thanks to the amulets, the lady will have time for all things – for work, family, for her own worries. With the help of a large amount of strength and energy, it will be possible to overcome all difficulties, take on the shoulders of great responsibility and at the same time not overwork. The talisman is to ensure that mental health does not suffer from overwork or burnout.
  • With Yarovik. This talisman calls for Yarilo's help. On warm days, the owner will be in a good mood, and all things will happen by themselves. Good spirits will pass on to neighbors, colleagues and family members, which will cause everyone to be cheerful. This is where the white streak begins.
  • With Rozhanitsa. This amulet has long helped families with financial problems. Neither crisis, nor debts, nor unplanned spending will be able to seriously damage the overall budget. Each of the family members will notice the economy and rationality in purchases, which cannot but affect the well-being of the family.
  • With the amulet Makosh. Thanks to the patronage of the goddess, there will always be comfort in the family. Household problems will not ruin the life of the household. Children will grow up obedient, while there will be no more conflicts between spouses. A friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding and help will become an integral part of family life.
  • With Alatyr. This magic item allows you to discover secret abilities in a person. Many talents will be unlocked in a short amount of time. Moreover, the owner will have the strength and time to develop and become a real professional. The main thing is to make an effort on time.
  • With Kres. The talisman protects the owner from the negative influence of ill-wishers. Envious people will not be able to spoil their reputation or create problems at work, because the person will be under the protection of higher powers. This means complete freedom from shame and fear of betrayal.

guardian tree of life

The value of the amulet

The meaning of the ancient tree of life can be formulated based on the material used to create the amulet.

  • Stone. According to the tradition of grandfathers, the talisman is recommended to be made from pearl or quartz plates. Any gem with high hardness can be taken as a replacement. An even more original option would be to pick up a crystal that matches the zodiac sign. Then the power of astrology will join the popular beliefs in deities, increasing the power of the amulet.
  • Metal. Such a tree of life will be less effective, since iron, according to the ideas of the Slavs, is far from nature and natural life. To strengthen the amulet, it is necessary to combine it with a stone, with a natural hole or with a non-synthetic thread.
  • Wooden. Such a talisman will turn out to be maximally charged with energy. Its influence on the owner will be twice as large. The magical effect will affect different areas of life, making a person feel really happy.
  • Gold. The tree of life will attract wealth and prosperity to life. However, at the same time, the owner will have stinginess, a bias towards others, because of which the owner of an expensive jewelry will lose friendly ties with others.
  • Silver. The light amulet will only help if you put it on during the growing moon. Then the person will feel a surge of strength and vivacity, and in the long term, the jewelry will have a positive effect on health and longevity.
  • With precious stones. If you pick up an expensive stone, which is recommended by astrologers for certain signs of the zodiac, then the amulet will become personalized. It will help to cope with the specific problems of the owner, making his life easier.
  • Homemade from buttons. This option is suitable for children or as a souvenir in an apartment. Then, positive energy will emanate from the tree of life, which has a positive effect on mood and relationships with loved ones. An amulet in the car to protect the car from major accidents or minor traffic accidents.

Who is this symbol suitable for?

You can choose a symbol according to the field of activity in which a person is involved. The tree of life is suitable for:

  1. For educators and organizers. Thanks to the constant surges of energy and positive emotions, the owner will be able to cope with professional tasks faster and better.
  2. People involved in exploring new areas of life. Thanks to the magical properties of the tree, the owner will have unusual ideas and hypotheses that will help in the general scientific process.
  3. Students in schools or universities. Thanks to the kindness and responsiveness that will appear after the regular use of the amulet, the student or student will be able to win the favor of teachers and classmates. This will positively affect academic performance and participation in the learning process.
  4. Anyone who urgently needs help. The tree of life begins to act on a person's life in the first hours, and every day this influence is expanding.

The Tree of Life has accompanied humanity since the dawn of Ancient Egypt. Mysterious runes similar to this symbol have been found in the tombs of the pharaohs. In the myths of other peoples, such a concept is also found. And thanks to the significance of the sign among the ancient Slavic tribes, information about the life tree has reached our days.

The power of the talisman in the modern world remains as great as it was many centuries ago, so the owner can count on long-term support. The main thing is the right combination of amulets and the choice of material.

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