When friend returns

When a friend returnsPhoto from open sources This the story is somewhat reminiscent of the story of G. Troepolsky “White Bim Black ear, “she’s also about the dog’s love and devotion and the tragedy of breaking up her with her master. That’s just the end of the Russian writer tragic, but in this story everything ended well.

Dog Jasper is not lost, as is often the case with dogs, he was simply stolen because he “dared” to be thoroughbred. A thoroughbred animals in every society are highly valued, and Great Britain in this case is no exception. And they are always people who are ready to buy a thoroughbred dog, without even delving deeply into in detail, where did the dog come from about the seller and why did he suddenly decide with part with him.

That’s how the unfortunate dog Jasper gets to live. to a completely different person – the woman who bought it from attackers without even asking about the unfortunate story animal. And the dog was really miserable, because his separated from loved ones by a friend – their former owner, who somewhere, on the other end of West Sussex, also languished in anguish and the tiny hope that his cute dog will come back sooner or later home.

And if in this case the owner could not do anything except as the vain squeaks of his favorite, Jasper himself firmly decided when the first opportunity to escape from the new mistress, who is practically forcibly locked him in her apartment – beautiful, but that didn’t less terrible prison. And the dog in five months escapes from captivity, Having recovered into the big world in search of his beloved master …

He wandered the streets of West Sussex, hungry and sad, with yearning looking into the eyes of passers-by, hoping to find in this the huge and bustling city of his friend. And fortunately met a good the woman who took and took away the heartbroken, clearly lost dog at the veterinary clinic. To the joy of all, in the dog’s collar a microchip was inserted that didn’t even notice, and therefore not threw a dishonest Briton who bought a dog from thieves. Veterinarians on this chip quickly found the owner of Jasper.

The joy of meeting the dog with its owner knew no bounds – this just an explosion of emotions on both sides. However, such a meeting is difficult describe in words, it’s better to see how all this happened …


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