When God is joking

When God is jokingPhoto from open sources

Whatever you say, but sometimes the Lord God is incredibly generous and gives people absolutely unique abilities in the mood. For example, Mozart, possessing an amazing musical memory, could perfectly record any work, hearing only one time. And the numerous inventions of Leonardo da Vinci hundreds of years ahead of their time. “What else to surprise these people? “- Almighty thought, and revealed to the world new superheroes. People-calculators How much will 432858 multiply by 267919? Surely, your answer will be like this – now I’m going for a calculator. But there are people in the world who can decide incredibly in the mind complex math problems to multiply, divide and add five-digit and eight-digit numbers. It turned out that almost everything calculator people are autistic, but when asked why they are in able to carry out complex calculations in the mind, there was no answer. And so recently, scientists have come close to unraveling this phenomenon. It turned out that the “calculators” have blood flow to that part of the brain that responsible for mathematical calculations, exceeds the norm of six to seven time. This anomaly was called savant syndrome. Common to all Savants feature – phenomenal memory. Man with that a syndrome can immediately repeat several pages of text, heard only once. Or just say what day weeks will fall on May 5, 2070. Savants capable of sing all the heard arias coming out of the opera, learn 100 languages ​​or draw a map of the city after flying over it. Moreover, in areas lying outside the manifestations of the syndrome, such a person can show obvious inferiority, even mental backwardness. Sensitive language Tasters – one of the most the highest paid professions in the world. What to say about super-tasters that taste much more accurately than the rest of the population? The reason for the phenomenon is the presence of additional mushroom growth (growths in the tongue in the form of mushrooms that are coated with additional taste buds). Here why do these people have a stronger reaction to taste. Of the five main tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and taste under called by the minds, super-tasters consider bitterness the most noticeable. A therefore try to avoid foods such as brussels cabbage, coffee and grapefruit. Scientists first noticed different tastes people’s abilities while testing a substance called phenylthiocarbamide. Some of us can feel it bitterness, some not. Bitter Test this substance is now one of the most common genetic tests. Oddly enough, but among women, Asians and Africans are more likely to be super-tasters because they have a high probability of an increased number of mushroom growths. Japanese phenomenon People with absolute hearing are capable of identify and reproduce tones. It is not just improved the ability to hear but the ability to mentally classify sounds, remembering them in categories. Examples of demonstrations of absolute hearing can be an identification of everyday noises (e.g. horns, sirens, engine sounds), the ability to sing a note without the original, name the chords of the song. Running any example of this list is an indicator that a person remembers the frequency of each tone and may call him. It is estimated that in the US and Europe, only 3% the population has absolute hearing, of which 7% are professional musicians. But in the musical conservatories of Japan such lucky 70%. This is partly due to the fact that the absolute hearing is common among people raised in the so-called sound language environment. These include Mandarin and Cantonese dialect of Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese. Absolute hearing is often found in people with mental retardation, in blind and autistic. The multi-colored world Tetrachromatism is the ability to see light from four different sources. Example this in the animal world is a zebra fish that can see the light red, green, blue, and ultraviolet light ranges spectrum. In humans, tetrachromatism is extremely rare. Ordinary people have three types of receptors that recognize light in red, green and blue light spectrum. Each receptor can recognize about 100 shades of color, and our brain is trying mix them, change their brightness so that we can notice at least part of a million different shades that color our world. Tetrochromatism theoretically allows you to perceive 100 million colors. As with super-tasters, tetrachromatism is more common occurs among women than among men. Interesting that color blindness in men can be inherited from women with tetrachromatism. Like a bat … Echolocation is what helps bats navigate in the dark. They emit sound, wait for the echo, and with the help of the returned sound determine where the object is located. Surprisingly, now people are capable of echolocation. It is actively used by the blind, though the learning process requires a lot of time and special sensitivity to reflected the sound. To use echolocation, a person actively creates noise (e.g. clicks tongue or claps hands) and thanks to echo understands how objects are located around him. People capable of it can determine where the object is and what size it is. Particularly talented will even tell you what density and shape it is. It is a pity that a person cannot produce and hear sounds at high frequencies that bats and dolphins use. And therefore he is in unlike these animals are able to locate only large objects. By the way: British artist Stephen The wiltsher can recall from memory an exact drawing of any architectural structure, seeing it only once. In three years the boy was diagnosed with savant syndrome. At five he began to draw. In February 1987, the BBC aired the Syndrome Program. savant, which was called “Silly Wise.” In one episode was shows the story of a twelve-year-old boy, Stephen Wiltshire, who drew a surprisingly accurate sketch of the station from memory St. Pancras, whom he saw only once, and then only briefly. Sergey Borodin

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