When time stops …

When time stops ...Photos from open sources of

This often happened to people in the war. For example, next to fighter exploded shell (grenade) – and he saw in every detail how fabulously slow, as if in slow motion, the shell of the ammunition cracks, and fiery sparks burst from it. And while the shell exploded very slowly, this lucky managed to hide from danger. Can you imagine for some shares seconds! ..

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This happens in our days, for example, on such dangerous sections like highways.

Time has slowed down for mother and her son

This story happened in 1992. in the UK with mother and son Wheelers. They drove around the city in a car Coventry, when a car snapped a wheel. Subsequently woman She said that she remembered every little thing, every moment. When the wheel burst, the car was sharply thrown off the road, and it crashed into a fence. The shtaketins began to break slowly, and suddenly one board, arched, pierced the windshield opposite the driver’s seat, where his son was sitting. The sharp end of the shtaketin was directed to the guy’s chest. Mrs. Wheeler Dumbfounded, but then her son bent sharply. Sharp through and through stitched the seat. Bob Wheeler also noted a slowdown. It froze at the moment when the pointed edge of the shaketin rushed into chest guy. This allowed him to easily deviate from the deadly hit.

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What saved the woman: stopped time or something more?

But what a story happened in 1998. with a resident of the village Priozerny (Leningrad Oblast) N. Nikitina.

A woman was crossing the street and somehow overlooked that drivers at this intersection usually increase speed. On the run she understood that she would not have time to avoid the blow rushing at her the truck. It was then for her that time slowed down. Woman was expecting a terrible blow, but it wasn’t all there. Run faster she doesn’t could.

Then the truck just as terribly slowly ran into a woman, and time as if it had stopped completely. Moreover, the speed of thinking Nikitina remained the same: the woman clearly realized that she the end, and at the same time was shocked by the terrifying smoothness of what happened to her …

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Then consciousness turned off – instantly and completely. And when the woman woke up, she saw that she was lying on the pavement in the pose of a kolobok. A frightened truck driver ran in and helped her up. Only here Nikitina discovered that she was quite far from the shot down her cars. The collision turned out to be a hematoma on the hip (where the blow fell), as well as slightly scratched knees and the palms.

The woman did not understand who told her correctly grouped, roll on the asphalt so as not to fall under wheels. After all, this was the only opportunity to be saved. Who helped at a critical moment when the mind is completely turned off, paralyzed by horror? ..

Time has stopped only for Golomolzin

A geologist spoke about an interesting case that happened in Bashkiria E. Golomolzin. Their squad was about to relocate to another area works, however, on the very day of departure, the weather turned bad. Started rain, which was replaced by large hail. Ices pounded hard on geological GAZ-66 loaded with field equipment and mined samples. The mountain road ran along the edge of the abyss. Mixed with the gravel was a very unreliable “road surface”, therefore the wheels kept slipping now and then …

In case of sudden evacuation, people were sitting near the cabin; the tarp in the front was reclined. Golomolzin says not recorded the moment when this happened, but heard how angry howls of the engine suddenly gave way to a monotonous monotonous roar. Looking at the road, the man saw that during turning uphill the truck began to very slowly drift to a cliff.

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The wheels of the car spun madly, but GAZ itself seemed to stands still, but in reality creeps to the edge by millimeter abysses. The geologist decided it was time to jump. Fantastic the slowness of action gave rise to the belief that everything can be done, even, having jumped to the ground, several times go around the crawling from the road truck…

Golomolzin looked back at his fellow travelers. Those sat with still faces and looked far ahead. They don’t seem to they saw and did not understand that a catastrophe could happen now. “Why do they linger?” Golomolzin thought desperately. And he managed to note that at that moment he did not feel either hail or rain …

Suddenly the sound of a running motor changed, a new one appeared in it, bass note and the truck began to slowly move away from the edge abysses where steep cliffs were already visible. Before the man take a breath as the crash of car hitters hit him hailstones.

When geologists got to the place, it turned out that, in addition to Golomolzina, none of them noticed and survived the critical the situation. That is, the car really suffered a cliff, but the driver immediately turned on the second drive and easily brought it to the road.

How did boy save time dilation

And here is what Vitaliy Ch. Said about time dilation.

It was in the year around 1970. Vitalik and his grandfather Stepan were returning home. Grandfather crossed the road, and the boy something delayed. Then the grandfather with a gesture of his hand told Vitalik to stop. He did not obey and rushed across the road. The boy was already almost next to his grandfather, when he suddenly realized that he had lost his sandal.

Further things happened purely automatically. Vitalik turned and ran back. In the middle of the road, he raised his sandal and came back. At the same time, the boy understood what he was doing deadly dangerous, unforgivable stupidity. By the way, out of the corner of his eye he noticed on the run, as a passenger car flying at him stopped, and then, as soon as the boy ran away, whistled by on the former big speed. In reality, everything happened so quickly that grandfather I didn’t even notice how his grandson crossed the road …

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… There are thousands of similar cases, and this suggests that time does not like we imagine it. Everyone probably noticed that depending on the situation, time can be very stretched or, on the contrary, run to jump. However, as we have seen from of the foregoing, it can stop or almost stop for an individual, thereby allowing him avoid a tragic outcome. But the question is: is the person himself slows down the time or the Higher Forces do it, for example, Guardian angel? It seems that while our scientists on this occasion are silent (and what can they do?), everyone can answer this the question is how he likes it more …

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