When you watch the heavens – by all means you will see a miracle

When you watch the sky - you will certainly see a miracleA photo from open sources

Resident of the city of Nashville, which is located in the US state Tennessee, one Dan, you might say, doesn’t even just watch Heaven, he daily arranges a real UFO hunt, doing in day to one and a half thousand “heavenly pictures”. Thanks to this man boasts that about a thousand photos he manages to catch one unidentified flying object.

True, there are really good days when Dan manages to shoot two or three UFOs a day, although this happens quite rarely. Here what the hunter himself says about all this:

In the seven years that I have been fishing in total unusual that flies in the sky, I came to the conclusion that UFO almost impossible to see with the ordinary eye, at least it happens quite rarely. So you have to take pictures like it is said at random. But when you download them to your computer and carefully considering, you can certainly find some very interesting points. I I also practice small videos, which I then watch frame by frame. Thanks to all this, I catch very interesting UFO.

However, the fact that Dan “caught” on July 16 of this year puzzled even him – an experienced UFO hunter. For all seven years of intense “heavenly hunt” the American has seen alien apparatuses of every possible form, and it seemed to him was already difficult than to surprise. But this fantastic object literally stunned an avid hunter. Here is what he says:

That day I went to shoot in a national park Chetam is my favorite place for such a “heavenly hunt.” I took off there several videos with a 40x magnification of the sky. At home, looking at the footage, I found something with which I had never came across. Moreover, I sometimes shoot not only alien devices (explicit in one or another technological design), but also some biological objects, inexplicable celestial phenomena, but this I don’t even have anything to compare with a strange anomaly in the sky. Only, what comes to mind when defining this miracle is flying humanoid.

Having studied the necessary information on this subject in Internet, Dan concluded that no one else had filmed. However, in his opinion, our world is unlimited in its parallel and other mysterious (for us) manifestations, why in it can be anything. Here is his opinion:

At first I thought, maybe it’s some kind of unknown bird science, although pterodactyl or something like that for our Orthodox – this is already something beyond, and therefore impossible. In my opinion, beyond mystical, incomprehensible to our mundane consciousness phenomenon – may well be a reality. I for a long time I didn’t upload this find to the Network, because in some he was afraid of the skeptics – they will again begin to fail explanations, criticize and carry other nonsense. But keep in yourself all this is also difficult. So I’m grateful to Lon Strykler for that he posted a photo on his cognitive site.

Take a closer look at Dan’s snapshot the restless mind of distrust and skepticism. On it really captured a very mysterious figure, which then (according to the hunter himself), as if guessing that she was being removed, quickly takes a horizontal position and quickly flies away. The size figures and the height of its flight in this case is very difficult to determine due to the large magnification used by Dan, moreover, how in spite, in the sky at that moment there was neither a cloud, nor a bird, nor the plane …

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