Where do the “ghost ships” come from, he said expert

Where do they come from?A photo from open sources

Chairman of the Far Eastern Regional Organization Russian Union of Sailors Nikolay Sukhanov told reporters REN TV about the “ghost ship” drifting off the coast Ireland.

Earlier in the media it was reported that to the shores of the Irish county flagged a 77-meter MV Alta freighter sailing under the flag Tanzania However, the crew was not on the ship. There is information, that this ship was spotted off the coast of Africa 6 months ago, and a little later it was observed near Bermuda.

According to Nikolai Sukhanov, in a situation where the ship is drifting without a crew, there are a number of reasons. For example, the crew could leave ship, if a leak is detected in it or it is dangerously tilted. IN further an interesting situation occurs – when the weather normalizes, and the ship suddenly leveled and begins to drift.

According to the expert, most often a drifting vessel uses constant ocean currents or winds, but there are times when it It turns out where sea vessels never go. therefore “ghost ships” may not be noticed for many years until they are beat to some shore, or they will not be on one of “sea roads”.

According to Sukhanov, the disappearance of ships is quite common a phenomenon that most often occurs due to bad weather. there is places where such incidents are most often observed, for example, in area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle.

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