Where the medium was born – there it came in handy

Where the medium was born - there it came in handyPhotos from open sources of

Researchers of paranormal phenomena have concluded that extrasensory abilities of a person, for example, a tendency to healing, the ability to foresee the future, and so on, directly associated with the environment and lifestyle of the medium. For this reason dramatic changes in life can completely deprive a person of his unique abilities.

As an example, consider the following historical happening. At the end of the seventeenth century in Lyon was completely unprecedented for the time of the murder, which is literally blew up the whole city. In the cellar of one of the houses, two were discovered bloodied corpse and an ax with which it is completely wild crime. Despite all the efforts of the police, the killer was not found, and then the relatives of the murdered turned to a certain Jacques Emaru, who was famous for being able to find any hidden things, look for thieves and uncover deceptions.

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Jacques agreed to help the police in this matter, after which he was delivered to the crime scene, where with the help of the most ordinary twig (vines) easily fell into a trance, and then spoke, as there was actually a murder. According to him, the killer left basement and went along the banks of the Rhone, then he got into a boat, crossed the river and moved to the city of Bokara. After the next trance (using the same twig) Emar told the police that now the criminal is in prison. In the prison itself, Jacques easily pointed to a hunchbacked man who turned out to be just a few hours was put back for some petty theft. Subsequently hunchback convicted (he admitted everything) and sentenced to death through wheeling.

The medium always walks along the blade of a knife

But Jacques Aimard himself was so surprised by the then scientific world that he was even brought to Paris for a scientific examination. However in Paris this half-educated man who never leaves native land and accustomed to a quiet and measured life, suddenly lost all your abilities. Researchers say the virgin of Orleans due to such changes, she also lost her gift for clairvoyance. AND there are a lot of such examples.

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That’s why today many psychics, even in fact possessing extraordinary abilities, often lose them by the reason that they leave their small homeland, dramatically change the image lives, for example, suddenly become famous and rich, and so on Further. It is no coincidence that in ancient times there has been a good saying in Russia: needed where was born. Apparently, it is no accident that God sends our soul to that body and to that place of residence where we can realize yourself in the best way.

And although for many people, a change of residence and lifestyle it turns out only for good, for some mediums this is more often total ends with the loss (partial or even complete) of all of them supernatural abilities However, in mediums at all times there were more serious problems – with the Inquisition, which, as say experts, exists in our time (see this documentary).

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