Whirlpools of time: is it possible to get from the past to the future?

Whirlpools of time: is it possible to get into the future from the past?A photo from open sources

The well-known truth says that you cannot return the past. However recorded cases when people and material objects from of the past are somehow incomprehensibly transferred to our time. Although at first glance this phenomenon looks like a miracle, it has its own explanation.

What is the nature of time and what it is capable of, no one knows. The puzzles presented to them do not fit into consciousness. To their number refer to the so-called whirlpools of the time when its smooth the course is suddenly interrupted and people who fall into these “twists” and material objects are inexplicably transferred from the past to the present. Such anomalies happen not only on land, in the sea and the sky, but also in space. On the ground. In the Tyrrhenian Sea there is Ischia island, which is occupied by German tourists all year round. The place is quiet, time flows there slowly, but of course not so much so that a person can confuse the past hours over the years. This happens only with memory failures. This is what it looked like the case of Kurt Reiner. In August 1997, this 25 year old the guy, dirty and scratched, limping, went to the entrance to thermal park “Gardens of Poseidon”. He told the employee that he had broken on a motorcycle on a slope obviously got a concussion and now poorly understands where it is. The doctor came running, gave Rayner an injection and sent to the hospital. The next day he felt better, he called your name, surname and the hotel where you stayed. But when there called, it turned out that in the guest list there is no Rainer. Police managed to establish that in 1981 at this hotel really stayed a German tourist named Rainer, which then disappeared in a mysterious way. Carried out then the investigation concluded that he most likely drowned, swimming in the sea away from the beach. Over the years since parents died. A brother came over Rainer who identified him considered dead Kurt and took home. Where was he all this time remains a mystery. In the sky. In 1961 An American pilot flies over Ohio. weather was disgusting. The plane now and then dived into the clouds, and in the gaps between them the sun hit the pilot in the eye. Therefore, emerging from the next cloudy “milk”, the pilot did not immediately notice in several tens of meters right in front of another plane. He miraculously managed avoid a collision, but the end of the wing still struck on board another car. After landing, the pilot filed a report on incident. He claimed that the plane with which almost collided, looked like an aircraft of the First World War war. According to his description, it was a single biplane, with fitted matter wings and wire extensions between them, and in the open cockpit was a pilot in a leather helmet and large glasses. The flight safety officers decided that the reason almost accident happened was a copy of an old plane, made for the filming of a historical film. However a few months later in an abandoned hangar at one of the private airfields accidentally a biplane was discovered, exactly similar to the one described in the report an American pilot. Experts concluded that impossible to fly on it — it would crumble from decay and, therefore, could not be the cause of the flight accident. A business finally confused the logbook found in the cockpit. In him there was a record dated 1911. The pilot wrote that during the time of the last flight almost collided with the “big silver amazing design airplane that raced on a huge speed and struck the side of his car with the end of the wing. Aboard biplane experts really found a scratch in which there remained microparticles of paint and aluminum, which completely coincided, according to its composition, with the material of a modern airplane, almost collided with a whatnot. It turned out something fantastic: the biplane not only made a 50-year chronic leap, but also came back in due time! On the sea. In 1962 Argentine Navy patrol boat spotted in coastal waters the submarine. However, when he headed for her, she instantly dived and no longer appeared although the coast guard ships in For several days they were on duty in this square. During check it was established that the number on her cabin belonged to one of Nazi Germany submarine sunk in the Atlantic during Second World War. In the storm season, none of the captains ventures into the Namibian port of Walvis Bay, approaches to which is blocked by reefs. Pilot Chris Hilcom was very surprised when at night he was urgently called and informed that some kind of ship gives a searchlight alarms near the entrance to Kitova the bay. The ship radio station is silent, but, apparently, the ship in distress. Therefore, the pilot will go to him and enter into port. … in the light of the spotlight they read on board the name of the mysterious ship – “Star of Dunedin”! But it went to the bottom at this very place before entering the Whale Bay in the fall of 1942 years, that is 35 years ago! During the war, German raiders and submarines attacked ships of the anti-Hitler coalition throughout waters of the oceans. Therefore, the English liner “Star of Dunedin, “going from Luanda to Cape Town, stayed as close to shore, to somehow protect themselves. Near Walvis Bay he jumped on an underwater rock and sank. If in front of the pilot The boat was a long-sunken ship, somehow miraculously rising from bottom, then landing on it did not make sense, considered Khilkom. It will stay afloat until the morning, in the afternoon they will decide what to do with it. However, when it dawned, no ship was already in front of the entrance to Whale Bay It was. But the most dramatic event occurred in 1992. His witnesses were Norwegian fishermen catching herring in North The Atlantic. On December 14, a marine engine flashed on a seiner, and the ship drifted to fix the problem. Suddenly before my eyes huge sailors, as they thought, a huge ship. A lot of passengers darted in panic on his decks. People shouted, cried and begged for help. Some rushed for board in ice waves. Norwegian fishermen are horrified, many baptized: it was the famous Titanic to all sailors! Through for several minutes he again went under water. Due to a broken Norwegians could not approach the crash site to save people floating in ice water. They only gave a radiogram about this incredible event. She was received at the headquarters of the US Navy in North Atlantic. A military man urgently went to the indicated area ship. He managed to lift out of the water 13 people who were life vests with the inscription “Titanic”. And here’s what is striking: they were all alive! And then this fantastic one case descended the veil of secrecy. Pentagon refused to give any information. Government of Norway at the request of the USA forbade her fishermen to tell anyone about it incident, but over time, a leak did occur. Expert on to marine disasters, Phyllin Starnes told reporters: “Perhaps in In this case, there was a movement of the liner and people in time and their transition to another spatio-temporal dimension. I can only confirm that on December 14, 1992, the Titanic arose on surface, and on board were living people. “In space. 26 March capsule in the Atlantic splashed a capsule with an American astronaut Charles Gibson. It was launched into space in 1963. year. After NASA’s radio connection with him was interrupted, and he spacecraft “Gemeni” disappeared from orbit, Gibson was considered dead under mysterious circumstances. When is the capsule caught and discovered, it turned out that the astronaut was alive! Like he lasted 28 years on a ship with a supply of oxygen and food in total for six months and where has gone from the orbit of his “Gemini”, it remains a riddle. After returning to Earth, Gibson was quarantined and medical rehabilitation at Edward Air Base in California. His the condition was scrupulously studied by specialists of different profiles, but this did not clarify what happened. NASA representative limited very obscure message: – Physically astronaut Charles Gibson Feels good, but completely disoriented. He does not give aware of his continued absence on Earth. Mental the astronaut’s condition is poor, and his words impossible to integrate. When asked where the pH was for so many years, Gibson always answered: “Never again, never!” V. Merkulov

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