Who are savants

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They are able to accurately determine the time at any time, but not can learn to use the watch. They determine by eye any distance, but not able to master the usual line. Among them are brilliant mathematicians, musicians, artists, but at the same time they wear status of the demented. Like genius and mental retardation get along in the brain of one person? Savants Scientists call such people as savants. Each of them has its own genius: some may literally repeat many hours of audio recording, others – to make complex mathematical calculations in the mind, say what day of the week will be January 10, 3010. There are among their talents in the field of music, capable of listening to the opera, unmistakably sing all the arias, there are brilliant artists. Unlike from us, they have a heightened sense of time, distance and smells. Many of them are outstanding mathematicians, musicians, writers, some have degrees. Sometimes they seem like people a new race, replacing man. But in all that is beyond outside of their particular world, they show full helplessness, reaching mental retardation. Savants are not at all live in hospitals for mentally ill people, however they need constant care, a guide. There are very few of them. On the Today in the world there are no more than 50 savants. Here the most famous of them. Kim Peak According to Father Kim Learned read at 16 months of age. By the age of 7, he knew the Bible by heart, and by 16 years – all the works of Shakespeare. Kim keeps in mind the cards of all US cities. A regular book spread reads in 9-10 seconds, however, the book can even be held upside down. While walking kim started at 4 years old and still not able to fasten buttons on shirt. Photo from open sources

In 1984, Kim Peak accidentally met with an American Novelist Barry Morrow. Morrow subsequently wrote the script Rain Man movie, prototype of the main character Raymond Bebbit it was Kim Peak. Foolish genius Daniel Tammet ahead of the calculator multiplies 4-digit numbers in the mind, squares and cube, adds, divides, extracts roots and divides 13 by 97 s accuracy to 100 characters. Fluent in 11 languages. To to prove his linguistic abilities, a stranger began to teach him previously Icelandic. After 7 days (this is not a typo, it’s seven days!) he gave live interviews in Icelandic language.

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However, Daniel is completely helpless. He does not distinguish “right” and “left”, unable to make a purchase at the store and not You can learn to use a switch in the bathroom. He is by no means moron, well aware of his “exclusivity”, but, without difficulty calling the number “pi” accurate to 22.514 digits after a comma, unable to master the simplest skills necessary for real life. Blind musician Derek Parvichini He is called the greatest jazz musician of our time. At 4, he started make music, and at 9 gave a concert in the London Barbic Hall in accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. For many world musicians give such a concert and it remains only a dream. Photo from open sources

However, blind Derek has the intelligence of a 4-year-old child. He is not can dress and cook for herself. Человек-фотоаппарат Photo from open sources

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At age 3, Stephen Wiltshire was diagnosed with autism. At 4 years old began to draw, and speak – at 5. Only once having looked at cityscape, he is able to reproduce it on paper before the smallest details. Draws only with ballpoint pens. Flying on a helicopter over London, he drew a multi-meter map of the city, in accuracy not inferior to aerial photography. At the airport to them. Kennedy all flew to New York met a 76-meter panorama of the city Wiltshire’s work. We are all geniuses. Specialists study savants. and look for the cause of their giftedness syndrome. For some, it’s innate in some, the result of a head injury to the head or brain affected disease. The savant phenomenon proves that the capabilities of the human brain are used by us by only 5-10%. Scientists dream to use stored under the skull computer at least 80%. But do it carefully without damaging important nodes to make a man a genius, but not a savant.

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