Who does create crop circles?

Who, nevertheless, creates crop circles?Photos from open sources of

Crop circles have long excited researchers of all stripes, moreover, academic science still can not give intelligible explanations of what it is and who it messes up so, because certain damage to grain crops in this case is caused.

Ufologists, for example, are sure that such messages leave us aliens. That’s what the famous says about this Researcher of any paranormal, Scott Waring:

Strange picture turns out, astronomers of all countries make tremendous efforts to get a signal from the brothers by reason from far space, and when they write us messages on fields, we not only do not believe in this “contact”, but also in every way we are trying to defame and slander him, if it’s not possible to hide him. Does this suggest that the powers that be are simply not needed such collective contacts with brothers in mind, since a real connection with an alien mind, apparently, they have long been installed?

A photo from open sources

And since most circles appear in the fields of the UK, it’s not surprising that the British the government decided (or someone above suggested it) compromise the origin of these alien “letters”. At the beginning the nineties of the last century in Foggy Albion was quite clumsily fabricated case of David Chorley and Doug Bauer, who then “admitted” that they did crop circles with ropes and wooden boards. Allegedly, in this way they teased the locals farmers and added fuel to the fire of faith of naive people in aliens. They added, but they chuckled themselves …

However, they laughed mainly at these friends, since with the help of boards, ropes and only four hands it was impossible so lay cereals in large areas, besides at different ends Earth almost at the same time …

Responsible for crop circles take modern hoaxers

Time goes by, and crop circles continue to appear, no matter to which, even in our XXI century, and with an enviable frequency and sequence. Apparently, the aliens who write these “letters”, keep hoping that in the heads of earthlings someday yes reason will prevail. David Chorley with Doug Bauer to drag here already it doesn’t work out in any way, and who today will believe in such sell?

But no, the powers that be again found how to compromise alien messages, moreover, to compromise on modern the level of “almost impossible” – where are two British friends of the last century with their boards and ropes!

A photo from open sources

Today, responsibility for crop circles (at least for now in Wiltshire England) took over a team of hoaxes from eight people led by the chairman of the Dutch Center the study of such drawings and signs by Roland Bajon. Bajon claims to be engaged in crop circle research more twenty years old. And so at the 27th annual conference (dedicated to paranormal, conspiracy theories, new age philosophy and other alternative thoughts) that took place in Glastonbury, he He told the world a very interesting tale.

It turns out, somehow, about ten years ago, sitting with friends (his current team of circle-makers) at the Black Horse Pub in Cher Hill, Roland had the idea to create a circle on the field with using meditation and the power of thought. And here is this tipsy (in pubs usually drop in not to meditate) company, supposedly, focused on the Christian depiction of the church in Marlborough, and then mentally “transferred” this drawing to the grain field opposite the pub. True, the above figure (see video) appeared on another field twenty kilometers from the pub, and only through two days and not at all like he was “painted” in his mind tipsy hoaxers, but this did not bother Bedjon.

A photo from open sources

At the conference, Bajon focused more on a difficult circle, which his team supposedly mentally created on July 22, 2008, not far from Alton Pryors villages during heavy fog. Before the fog on the field was absolutely nothing. It would be nice practice in the fog, Roland thought and invited his team to do it. When the fog cleared over the field, the locals with surprised to find a pattern in the form of swallows on it …

For information, all this information could be easily taken on Greatdreams.com website, which highlighted that event and said that one local resident driving past the field at five in the morning, nothing I didn’t notice such unusual things on it, and when the fog rose around eight in the morning, then a mysterious circle appeared on the field.

But Bajon goes even further, at the conference he also reports that in 2009 in creating crop circles through meditation involved a japanese professional whistleblower of all paranormalism Maki Masao. After the experiment, this skeptic changed his attitude towards circles, believing that they can be “drawn” by the power of thought …

But what about aliens, you ask? But nothing, according to Roland Bajon, then all these circles and drawings on cereal plantations are mentally people themselves create, perhaps even involuntarily, maybe in this even you participate. That’s it …

Time Scott Waring

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