Who “gurgles” at the bottom of the ocean?

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In 1997, in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, hydrophones recorded mysterious “gurgle”. Loud, ultra-low frequency sound tapped by submarine stations located at a distance more than 5000 km from each other. National government Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (NOAA) has taken exploring the nature of this mystical sound. Most popular there was a version that the mysterious “boulevard” belongs to an unknown giant marine animal. Such a theory has grown over time. a mass of legends and raised it to the level of great mystery.

However, NOAA believes that the sound does not belong to the animal, and there is nothing mystical about him. Most likely, scientists suggest it arises due to a rather banal phenomenon – a split ice shelf of Antarctica. All proponents of this version believe that it reveals the secret of the origin of sound. She confirmed it Oregon Seismologist Robert Jak. And the stories that “mega-bulk” tricks of a giant sea monster – no more than fantasies, and science doesn’t even smell like here. Dzyak explained that “the frequency and duration of sound are fairly consistent and, according to essentially identical to the sound that cracking ice floes make. “His they recorded during a stay in Antarctica. According to the seismologist, scientists began an acoustic study in the Bransfield Strait and Drake Strait in 2005. It lasted until 2010. Due to acoustic analysis it became clear that the sounds of the icebreaker are the dominant source of natural sounds in the Southern Ocean. Each year tens of thousands of times what is called “ice shake”, from this sea ice crack and melt, they separated from the glaciers and sent to the ocean. All this accompanies characteristic sound “BULL”. All this practically nullifies the odds. that the sound that disturbs the planet may belong to the animal. And in fact, the researchers note, no one I didn’t take this version seriously, just people wanted a great secrets. In addition, Robert Dzyak shed light, the sound heard on the video it’s simply accelerated, and therefore it seems that the animal reproduces it, and if you listen to it in real mode, it looks more like thunder. There is even an opinion that the sound simply distorted the interference of the equipment. According to the seismologist, almost all sounds can be divided into several categories: geophysical (underwater volcanoes and earthquakes), weather (storms, waves, wind), man-made (ships, airguns), ice (sea ice, icebergs, aground), and animals (cetaceans, fish). Everything else, as a rule, is only varieties of electronic signal interference. However, adds Dzyak, he understands why people so easily believed in the theory that the “gurgle” belongs to the sea giant. The depths of the ocean remain investigated by humanity by only five percent. In New Zeeland, for example, has recently been washed ashore by a whale, which people have never seen. So that we only know that we are very little is known about the ocean depths. By the way, the place where I was for the first time a sound is heard, located only 1760 km from the location the sunken city of R’lih, where, according to Lovecraft, deep, deep at the bottom of the ocean imprisoned in her underwater dungeon the mythical monster Cthulhu.

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