Who wants to give birth to a Neanderthal?

A photo from open sources

A leading global specialist in genetics is looking female volunteer willing to bear and give birth to a child from Neanderthal man. Professor George Church is sure that this a fantastic plan can be brought to life. Geneticist George Church developed a project that closely resembles the script for Park Jurassic ”, where scientists in the laboratory cloned dinosaurs. However, the professor’s ambitious plan has one thing a significant difference – he needs not animals, but human volunteers. Professor carefully examined the remains of bones Neanderthals and made a genetic analysis of the selected samples. By According to the geneticist, the information he received is quite enough to reconstruct the DNA code and resurrect the kind of person extinct 33,000 years ago. Church’s scheme is as follows: he introduces stem cell containing “ancient” DNA into human cells an embryo that is in an early stage of development. Then the geneticist in within a few days will grow the resulting “Neo-Neanderthal” in the laboratory, after which implants an embryo into the uterus of a surrogate mother. Professor believes that stem cells will influence hybrid formation the embryo, which will develop in the direction of the Neanderthal, and not human. Now it’s up to you to find a woman who voluntarily agree to this procedure. “My project depends on damn many things, but I think it’s quite feasible and can benefit humanity. Neanderthals could have completely different thinking and, perhaps, were smarter than us. When will come time to fight the epidemic, their thinking will serve us well ”, – George Church says with conviction, and adds: “I have to find a brave volunteer. ” Genetics colleagues say his plan theoretically possible, although in the UK, as in most countries, reproductive human cloning is criminal a crime. But there are experts who were wary of the resurrection of an extinct human species: experts believe that Neo-Neanderthals will not have enough strong immunity, able to withstand modern diseases. And that means that the hybrid individual will simply die out, and without having time to please the powerful the intelligence of its creator.


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