Why are ghost cities being built in China?

Why are ghost towns being built in China?Photos from open sources of

Why is the People’s Republic of China constantly erecting large and well-designed settlements in which no one lives?

On satellite images of the country from year to year there are more ghost towns that consist of administrative and office buildings, sports stadiums, parks, high-rise buildings, houses and towers, interconnected desert roads that only drive machine builders and government officials.

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You might think that here, as in Pripyat, radiation disasters that forced citizens to leave their homes places. But actually it’s possible to live here: there is all necessary infrastructure, and residential buildings are modern and comfortable. For the design and construction of each such city billions of dollars have been spent. Although it is strange that many ghost towns are located in the most disadvantaged regions China, poorly developed by man and very far from large enterprises and trade routes.

Versions about the reasons for the appearance of ghost towns in China

Chinese reporters report that at the moment in China �about twenty ghost towns are being built, and the number uninhabited new homes approaching seventy million. According to one theory, such settlements represent a kind of reserve fund for the population. Let’s say start third world war. Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and other major cities will be at risk of bombing, and then their inhabitants will be to evacuate here. Ghost towns have bomb shelters for many thousands of people, and in such safe shelters you can even survive nuclear attack.

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Another version says that the spontaneous construction of empty cities is a government anti-crisis measure. Around the same in the thirties of the last century Franklin Roosevelt inferred United States of the Great Depression. At the behest of the president in america started build roads, hospitals, schools and prisons. This allowed to overcome unemployment and get the country out of distress. Difference between the US and China only that the Chinese decided not to wait financial crisis and started to do the same in advance thereby possibly preventing a possible collapse of the economy.

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In China there are tens of millions of builders, and they you must constantly work to feed families. Moreover, the reserves of industrialization in the Asian state are almost exhausted, gross domestic product stops growing, while the economy The country is tightly tied to borrowed funds. Internal crisis can spring at any moment. Current Chinese Metropolitan Areas will be his first victims, and then ghost towns come in handy in as new investment sites. And it will not be military, but economic settlement on alert.

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By the way, not all of these cities are completely deserted. For instance, Ordos – the largest of them – is already inhabited by several thousand Chinese citizens. This is a real metropolis in which there are empty libraries and supermarkets (however with salaries librarians and sellers), empty buses go, work deserted amusement parks. Such a place is a real paradise for sociophobes and misanthropes. You can walk or ride all day the city on a bicycle, without having met a single living soul.

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