Why did the US drop the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan?

Why the US droppedPhoto from open sources

It happened April 12 this year, the United States Air Force dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, which only found at the Pentagon. Formally dropped for destruction terrorists.

However, the true reason, insiders say, is the fight against giants that start to wake up in hiding places with stasis (freezers) scattered by the Ancient Builders (highest a race that once existed on Earth) throughout the planet.

It was this (regular) “stagnant camera” with the giants that was discovered and destroyed in Afghanistan by the “mother of all bombs.” it claims one of the witnesses who saw these ancient repositories, former US government secret officer Corey Goode, who talks about this in more detail in the article “Giants Antarctica is waking up. ”

Another insider, Stephen Quayle, claims that US elite troops searched for awakening giants all over the Earth, including including in Afghanistan. Quail wrote a lot about all this. materials. He often invited to his radio “Coast to Coast” retired US military who served in elite units and participated in the capture and destruction of giants.

For example, some of them spoke about such a case, which occurred just in Afghanistan when nine commandos tried to capture 12 pound man and then they even needed to call reinforcements to at least kill him. Another operative told how they, recruits, were taught tactics of battle with giants, although he himself then did not have to face this horror.

Stephen Quayle claims that giants left on Earth by Ancient Builders in suspended animation, even in The bible. Giants are the same nephilim, descendants of fallen angels (“old people”) who were powerful in body and constantly crossed with women of the human race (Genesis). In the bible can be found, says an insider, even mentions of giants wars with the ancient Jews. According to Quayle, the awakened giants are quite can seize power on the planet, especially with the help of the Illuminati and other representatives of world elites who are associated with the “fallen angels “blood relationship.


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